RFID cards for access control

RFID cards for access control

RFID card access control system, also known as the control system of exit and entry, is a system to manage and control the entrance and exit of important areas or channels. With the development of the society, it is not limited to the simple management of the door lock or key, but a new modern safety management system which integrates automatic identification technology and modern management technology. It has become a very important part of the security system. It is widely used in office, intelligent building, hotel and other occasions. At present, the control ways of the RFID card access control system are fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition and radio frequency card. The first 3 methods belong to biometric technology. It is the identification carrier and means of one part of the human body. Its uniqueness and non replicability determine the most secure authentication method, but it is expensive and difficult to popularize, and it involves personal privacy and is only suitable for high-end and absolutely confidential places.
RF card is a combination of radio frequency technology and smart card technology. It has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient maintenance.

In order to improve the modern management and remote monitoring ability of access control system, a access control system based on Web technology is introduced. The system uses radio frequency technology. When non-contact IC card appears in the radio frequency range of reader and writer, read card and transmit information through serial communication to server for related data processing, and build a management platform based on C/S mode. The administrator can query and control the gate control via Web web page, thus effectively To achieve real-time monitoring of information anywhere in the Internet.

The access control system based on RFID and Web services provides intelligent control and remote management mechanism for important departments. The wireless radio frequency technology (RFID) is used to realize the key free entry and exit, which is not easy to lose and can be reused. The remote monitoring with SQL database and Web service is easy to operate, flexible and safe. It has a broad application prospect in intelligent home, office access, logistics and other occasions.

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