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  • ABS RFID key fobs

    ABS RFID key fobs are designed for easy carry by person and they are in small size than ISO credit RFID cards. We can do silk screen print 1-2 color simple logo and do laser number on ABS keychains. As smart key RFID , the RFID key fobs are very good idea for wide range of RFID management applications.

  • Epoxy RFID key tag

    RFID EPOXY key tag could be
    as promotion with company logo. It is attractive performance and embeded in 125Khz , 13.56MHz or UHF on request RFID chip technologies

    LF,HF or UHF RFID epoxy key tag and RFID epoxy key card are very popular for your smart RFID and NFC solutions

  • Leather RFID fob

    Leather RFID key fobs are designed in a luxury and unique appearance. Nice and attracitve
    performace with keychain which is very easily to carry.

    RFID applications in life. All RFID keyfobs can be customized as requirements for printing,
    color, package etc. We can make a silk printing and hot stamp printing on leather RFID key

  • PVC custom key fob RFID

    PVC RFID keychains which can easily carry by persons. They are water-proof, dust-proof and durable plastic nice appreance and smart fuction which are wide range of different kinds application: access control, NFC payment ( you can hang it on the phone) tranport ticket,time attendance and so on.

RFID key fob is a very hot RFID product in the market. It is easy to take with a keychain(aslo named RFID keychain).RFID key fob can be made by different of material,such as ABS RFID key fobs,custom PVC RFID keyfobs, Leather RFID key fobs, Epoxy RFID tag key fob and so on.

We are a good RFID key fob manufacturer and supplying in different RFID key fob frequency including RFID key fob 125KHz, RFID key fob 13.56MHz, UHF RFID key fob and combi RFID key fob (dual frequency key fob: LF+HF, LF+UHF, HF+UHF).

Contactless RFID key fobs features:
. Durable with long using life
. Colorful and various material and shapes for choices
. Custom RFID key fob
. From LF, HF ,UHF or dual frequency of RFID smart key fobs
. Waterproof , protable with a keychian
. Silk-screen logo, laser engraved logo or number ,embossing logo (only for Leather RFID key fob)

RFID key fob Applications:
. Time attendance
. Access control
. SPA club
. Leisure Parks
. Secuirty needs

Our RFID key fob types:

1.ABS RFID key fob
.Many different shapes
.IC’s avilable UHF, HF , LF or dual
.Color: black, blue, yellow, purple, red ,grey ect
.Silkscreen 1-2 , engraved number or logo
2.Leather RFID key fob
.Luxury leather
.Frequency:860-960MHz, 13.56MHz, 125KHz
.Embossed logo
3.PVC custom RFID key tags
.Custom or from our avilable PVC shape
.Full color print
.UV numbering or laser engrave number
4.Jelly RFID keychain
.Epoxy on surface
.Full color print
.Many shapes or custom
.IC’s from LF to UHF range

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