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Different RFID frequency has different work principle

RFID frequency is not only decide to the RFID system work principle,RFID read range, and also decide to the easy and difficult of RFID tag and RFID reader. And don’t forget to consider the cost of RFID device. There is some clear how to use RFID frequency for vairous of RFID applications. That is ISM band. The typical RFID freqency : 125kHz, 133kHz, 27.12MHz, 433MHz, 902-928MHz,2.45GH, 5.8GHz and so on. As the working RFID frequency different requirments, RFID tags can be with Low Frequency (LF), High Frequeny [...]

NTAG213 TT compare with NTAG 213

NTAG 213 TT provides extended function Provides additional advantages for smart packaging and brand protection NTAG 213 TT  label tampering function Used to detect the status of the label tamper line during startup If the test leads are open This event will be stored permanently by NTAG 213 TT Label tampering information status can be ASCII code formal mirroring or user memory containing NDEF information Or can be read by a dedicated command Further improved original signatures on the NTAG 213 TT Can be programmed and locked during [...]

RFID, EPC, EPCIS and TID informations

EPC encoding There are vertain rules for encoding the RFID tags. At the moment , RFID tags follow the EPC coding rules. The full name of EPC is Electronic Product code. The carrier of EPC is an RFID electronic tag, and the information is transmitted through the Internet. EPC aims to establish a global, open labeling standard for each item, enabling tracking and tracing of individual products on a global scale, there by effectively improving supply chain management and reducing logistics costs. EPC is [...]

How many types of UHF RFID tags memory ?

Q: In UHF Gen 2 tags, let’s consider how many types UHF RFID tagsmemory and how to know when you ought to use every type? A: Gen 2 RFID tags are comprised of an antenna along with a chip (more accurately known as a built-in circuit, or IC). The ICs for Gen 2 tags contain four types of memory: Reserved memory EPC memory TID memory User memory When starting your application deciding on a tag, and locate out about what amount memory is on each [...]