NFC tags for inventory

NFC tags for inventory

NFC integrates non-contact card reader, non-contact card and point to point function into a single chip, and RFID must consist of reader and tag. RFID can only read and determine information, while NFC emphasizes information interaction. Popularly speaking, NFC is the evolution version of RFID, and the two sides can exchange information at close range. NFC mobile phone built-in NFC chip, a part of the RFID module, can be used as a RFID passive tag to pay for use, can also be used as a RFID reader, used for data exchange and acquisition, and can also carry out data communication between NFC tags for inventory. Second, the transmission range of NFC is smaller than that of RFID, and the transmission range of RFID can reach several meters or even tens of meters. But because of the unique signal attenuation technology of NFC, NFC has the characteristics of close distance, high bandwidth and low energy consumption compared to RFID. Third, the application direction is different. NFC looks at more about consumer electronics, and active RFID is better at identifying long distance. With the popularity of the Internet, mobile phone, as the most direct intelligent terminal of the Internet, will cause a technological revolution, like Bluetooth, USB, GPS, and so on. NFC will become the most important standard of mobile phone, through NFC technology, mobile payment, movie, subway can be realized, will be in our daily life Play a greater role in life.

NFC and Bluetooth are short-range communication technologies and are integrated into mobile phones. But NFC does not need a complex setup. NFC can also simplify the Bluetooth connection.
NFC slightly wins the blue tooth place is to set up the procedure is short, but can not achieve the low power Bluetooth (the Low Energy) the speed. In the process of identifying two NFC devices that are interconnected, the use of NFC instead of manual settings makes it faster to create connections: less than 1/10 seconds. The maximum data transfer capacity of NFC is 424 kbit/s, which is much smaller than that of Bluetooth V2.1 (2.1 Mbit/s). Although NFC is less than Bluetooth (less than 20 cm) in transmission speed and distance, it can reduce unnecessary interference. This makes NFC especially suitable for dense devices and difficult transmission. Compared to Bluetooth, NFC is compatible with the existing passive RFID (13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 18000-3) facility. NFC has lower energy demand and is similar to Bluetooth V4.0 low power protocol. When NFC works on an unpowered device (such as a shutdown cell phone, a contactless smart credit card, or an intelligent poster), the energy consumption of NFC is less than low power Bluetooth V4.0. For mobile phones or mobile consumer electronics products, the use of NFC is more convenient. Short distance communication characteristics of NFC are its advantages. Because of low power consumption and only one machine link at one time, it has high security and security, and NFC is beneficial to avoid being embezzled when the credit card is traded. The goal of NFC is not to replace Bluetooth and other wireless technologies, but to complement each other in different situations and different fields.

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