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  • ALN-9740 Squiggle – Higgs4 inlay

  • HF RFID inlay

    HF RFID inlays with short-to-medium read ranges. They are very suitable for varity of wide ranges for different kinds of RFID smart applications.Popluar industry applications including NFC payment system, library, rental item and so on

  • UHF RFID inlays

    Each UHF rfid tag inlay with a unique TID and some with EPC memory. You can according to your request to looking for the chips and uhf inlays. UHF rfid inlays could be used for making RFID label or directly as rfid inlay tags ( wet inlays with sticker on backside ) which as usually directly as rfid tags for tracking or identify products.

What is a RFID inlay?

Inlay is a industry-specific terms in RFID. RFID inlay is the center RFID components of RFID tags. You can understand it is semi-product. But it is the most important part of electrical RFID tags.

RFID wet/dry inlays
There are RFID wet inlays and RFID dry inlays.
RFID dry inlay without adhesive on backside.
RFID dry inlay structure: RFID antenna + RFID chip +clear PET/PVC
RFID Wet inlay with adhesive on backside can directly sitcker on goods.
RFID wet inlay structure: RFID antenna+ RFID chip+ clear PET/PVC+ adhesive+peel off paper
Antennas can be made cooper, silver,aluminum.Copper antenna is usually for LF RFID inlay and higher cost than aluminum or silver .Aluminum is offen used in HF or UHF. It is very thin thickness than Copper antenna.

RFID inlay & tag
Normally RFID inlay is a half finished product.It embedded in a RFID tag.An inlay consists of an IC, an antenna, attached to the substrage. Wet RFID inlay can also directly sticker on the itmes for asset tracking.But dry inlay inserts in the tag. It is core of RFID tag .It can be insert into different shapes tags, different material of tags.

RFID inlay & RFID label
RFID inlay: An IC+ an Antenna + PET (with/without adheisve).It could not be printed on RFID inlays
RFID labels: Using PVC or Paper or PET covered on RFID wet inlays.RFID labels can be printed. That is why many buyers moreliking RFID labels with logo printing than RFID inlay. But RFID lables are little expensive than RFID inlays

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