PVC card with chip wholesale

PVC card with chip wholesale

PVC card is a popular product in the world, they can become member card, bank card, credit card, etc. Why the PVC card have so many functions? just because PVC card with chip can make out many different ability. We call it smart card.

Smart card : a plastic card embedded in microchips (usually the size of a credit card). Some smart cards contain a microchip, and smart cards need data interaction through reader. Smart cards are equipped with CPU, RAM and I/O, which can handle a large number of data on their own without interfering with the work of host CPU. Smart cards can also filter out the wrong data to reduce the burden of host CPU. It is suitable for occasions with large number of ports and fast communication speed. The IC’s integrated circuits include the central processor CPU, the programmable read-only memory EEPROM, the random memory RAM, and the COS (Chip Operating System), which is solidified in the read-only memory ROM. The data in card is divided into external reading part and internal processing part.

What’s the use of smart cards?
Functionally, the use of smart cards can be classified into the following four points:

1. identity recognition – use the microcomputer system to calculate the data and confirm its uniqueness.

2. payment tool – built-in counter instead of data such as currency, bonus points, etc.

3. encryption / decryption – the rapid development of the network, the use of e-commerce has also grown greatly. Some manufacturers say that the most important thing is the authenticity of the identity, the integrity of the data, the undeniable and legality of the transaction, with the use of cryptographic mechanisms such as DES, RSA, MD5 and so on, in addition to increasing the security of the cards. Besides, offline operations can also be used to reduce communication costs on the network.

4. information – because of the popularity of GSM mobile phone, the demand for SIM card has increased greatly, accelerating the development of smart card technology, making the mobile phone from the original simple telephone function to the online online online functions today. Its information storage function enables it to have a wide range of commercial applications, such as:

Personal financial records
In order to improve customer loyalty and attract more new customers, banks have introduced various kinds of bonus schemes and improved customer service system. With the use of smart cards, they can not only achieve the 24 hour free transfer function of the whole day, but also reduce the written procedures of bankers and customers. Between. Many banks in the market have issued smart cards, and MasterCard and VISA’s two major credit card groups are about to switch to smart cards.

Medical records
Once the health care card is IC, the personal medical record can be stored in the chip. No matter to the hospital, the medical condition can be found. The doctor can immediately know the medical records of the patient, the patient can also avoid the time of filling out the report, and reduce the maintenance cost of the hospital records. In addition, the national identity card can be IC, and all personal identification materials such as fingerprints, birthdays, personal files are deposited on the chip, and they can be used as passports. The government of Singapore and Malaysia has begun to use it.

Access control is very important for enterprises and schools. In addition to the general access control, smart cards can be used to store small amounts of money and to cooperate with the general store to improve the functionality of the cards. For example, a British door control system manufacturer can use a smart card that was originally used on the entrance guard and can be applied to a cash machine. The function of the entrance guard and the electronic wallet.

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