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  • Clamshell proximity card

    ISO clamshell proximity card: 85.5x54mm and 1.8mm thickness. It is no need battery to support, contactless, long life use, durable in 125khz frequency. Clamshell proximity card is made of ABS+PVC material. Standard clamshell card with a long punch hole on the top and with 18 spray ID numbers cards.

  • Combi card

    Combi card with mutil-function. It can with magstripe or contact IC chip or contactless chip embeded . It is safe , convenient, resistant and encoded as personality and so on.

    You can combi any above options two or three different kinds of chips as requirements. Or  Contact chip +magstripe or contactless chip + magstripe

  • Contact IC card

    Contact IC card is the size of a conventional credit or debit card. The contain a single, embedded, integrated circuit chip that contains either just memory or memory plus a microprocessor.

    Memory-only chips are functionally similar to a small floppy disk. They are less expensive than microprocessor chips, but they also offer less security. They should not be used to store sensitive or valuable information.

  • EMTG97-4 smart card

    EMTG97-4 is owned by the Theseus family of devices designed specifically for smart card
    applications. It really is software compatible with a standard 8051 micro-controller, to
    guarantee the maximum accessibility to qualified software. The hardware implementation in
    the core can be a modern design not relying on microcode, to comprehend up to 4 times on
    the standard 8051’s clocks per instruction.

  • Java card JCOP card

    Why Java for smart cards ?
    – Popular high level language, object-oriented, large programmer
    – Write Once and run anywhere
    * Any vendor’s smart card (Interoperability)
    * Any vendor’s secure controller (Portability)
    – Open programmable platform(JCOP)for third party application
    – Java card is the winner… SIM, PIV, TWIC ect.

  • RFID blocking cards

What is smart card ?
A smart card named Integrated Circuitcard.The smart card in CR80 size like credit card size (85.5*54mm).It is with embedded microprocessor. It is much more smart solution instead of magstripe plastic pvc cards.STARNFC provides contactelss smart card, contact IC smart card, CPU smart card and Combi smart card.

Smart card types:

Contact IC card
It is applying with ISO7816 standard .This kind of smart card interface that nessary to touch the related IC reader to transfer the data.
Contactless card
It is much widly used in may smart card applications than Contact IC card
Combi card
One card with contact IC and contactless card features. The price would be a little higher than the Contact IC card and contactless card.

Smart card design:
-Dimension: 85.6x54x0.8mm ISO credit card size or custom
-EEPORM: According to the different IC’s. From 1k to 128K
-Material: PVC, ABS, PET, PETG
-Read range: 0-10m (Different smart card chip with differnt read range)
-Read time:1-2ms
-Working temperature:-20℃~85℃
-Life of endure:>100,000 times
-Inlay : Wire copper or etching antenna
-smart card black and smart card preprint

Smart card benefits
– No cashless
– High secuity
– Smart solutions for various applications’ requirements
– Bring your life convenient

Smart card applications:
-smart card access (smart card door access control &Time attendance)
-smart card for school students
-smart card games
-smart card healthcare
-smart card java

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