• plastic rfid wristbands

    Plastic RFID bracelet

    Plastic rfid wrsitbands are great ideal for various of smart rfid solutions for concerts, events, warter park,identification, access control . We aslo supply the service of silk-screen print personal logo on the wristbands, and laser number on them.

  • pvc-disposable-rfid-wristbands

    RFID disposable wristbands

    The Disposable RFID PVC bracelet is widely used in hospital patients, access control to events, fesitval lasting several days , prison management, baby/child care management, identification, parcel tracking and so on.

  • Good quality RFID silicone wristbands

    RFID silicone wristband

    Silicone RFID wristbands are water-proof, dust-proof and one of most popluar RFID silicone tags. They are very easy wear by person And wildly used for the swimming ppls, spas, gyms, sports clubs.

  • tyvek-wristbands-rfid

    RFID Tyvek wristbands

    Tyvek wristbands are light weight and very suitable comfort and conveniences of its users. Tyvek wristbands are made of a plastic fibre that resembles paper which is waterproof and very difficult to tear. They are provided with a lock feature which are based on adhesive action. You can show your logo or design proof on the surface of Tyvek wristbands. Tyvek are suitable for all kinds of event. Leisure centre and zone access management and clubs. Tyvek wristbands can be also be custom printed full color. We supply HF(13.56mhz)
    and UHF 860-960MHz.

  • stretch woven rfid wristbands

    woven RFID wristbands

RFID disposable wristbands including RFID vinyl bands, RFID paper wristbands, RFID tvyek wristbands,RFID PVC wristbands. STARNFC can offer different material recyling RFID bracelets such as RFID fabric wristban, RFID rubber wristbands (RFID wristband silicone), Plastic RFID wristbands, woven RFID wristbands and so on. We have a specail team for designing and make a new mould for the RFID wristbands and provide custom RFID wristbands for customers.

RFID wristbands features:
RFID wristbands waterproof
RFID wristbands shockproof
High temperature resistant
Dural long life using
LF,HF,UHF or combi freuqncies meeting in different RFID applications
Custom shape , logo design printed acceptable

RFID wristbands applications:
-RFID wristbands for events
-RFID wristbands at festivals (RFID wristbands at music festivals)
-RFID wristbands concert
-RFID Cloth wristbands
-RFID wristband access control (RFID entrace wristbands)
-RFID wristbands healthcare (dipsoable RFID wristbands for hosiptal)

Buy RFID wristband directly from RFID wristband factory in China. Low RFID wristbands price,good quality in promise, various and attrative RFID wristbands, many IC’s options.Shopping RFID bracelets from Chinese manufacturer will bring you many benifits.

Our RFID wristbands main market:
RFID wristbands China
RFID wristbands Canada
RFID wristbands UK
RFID wristbands Australia
RFID wristbands South Africa
RFID wristbands Philippines
RFID wristbands Malaysia
RFID wristbands USA
RFID wristbands Singapore

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