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  • Bin tags

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    Durable bin tags transponders offer superior resistance to water, salt mist, mineral oil and petroleum, as well as high tolerance to shock and temperature variations. Each bin tag installs easily into standard nets,manufactured into most waste bins.
    We offer LF( low frequency), HF ( high frequency) and UHF bin tags .Each tag with a unique number could not programmable.

  • ISO11784/11785 Pet Microchip with syringe

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    Basic Package Bio Glass Microchip specially designed for pets,
    livestock and animals. Syringed electronic tag can be implated into
    body of animals by syringes.

  • Metal Mount RFID tags

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    STARNFC offers a range of Mount metal RFID tags. They are special designed for tracking and
    tagging metallic assets , logistic industries and including truck, container , all metal
    surface tracking. Avialable in Low Frequency (LF) and High Frequency (HF) and Ultra- High
    Frequency (UHF) ,all our mount metal RFID tags could be used on metal surface and products
    and metal products asset management.

  • RFID cable tag

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    RFID cable tag is made of nylon or PVC, which is permanently fastened to an object for tracking application. It is very suitable for used in outdoor environment. RFID cable tag is waterproof, shockproof, durable and disposable ( It could not be recycling used)

    RFID cable tag is an easy to use tagging solution for a variety of assets,identify goods, container tracking , logistic and so on.

    RFID cable tag can be operated in dust, water, wide range temperature environment and identity or tracking  in very harsh environment.

  • RFID Cattle tags

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    RFID cattle tags are working at 860-960 frequecy, Gen 2 Class 1 . This RFID anmal ear tags (RFID ear tags cattle) is the RFID tags for dairy cattle, tracking and location animal management.

  • RFID clear disc tag

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    RFID clear disc tag material is transparent PVC and you can see the antenna and chip very clearly from tags. It is water-proof,dust-proof tag. RFID clear disc tag could be with adhesive back side. So it also named clear disc sticker. RFID clear disc tag is widly used for asset tracking, item identificaion, inventory and security management ect.

  • RFID coin tag

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    PVC RFID coin tags could be aslo named RFID disc tags. We supply PVC white RFID disc tags, Clear disc tags, ABS disc tags. You can chose with or without adhesive on the coin tags. RFID coin tags with 13.56MHZ NFC chip ,sometimes we call it NFC sticker. Don’t forget we can also provide the anti-metal functions on the RFID coin tags. If you need them on the metal surface.

  • RFID dome tags

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    STARNFC RFID dome tags are passive RFID transponders.They are available in different colors.And they can be personality with customer logo, laser number or barcode and so on. We supply RFID chip technologies in 125KHz or 13.56MHz for dome tags.

    RFID dome tags can be with 3M adhesive and anit-metal layer. With 3M adhesive is easy to sticker on the goods for tracking or on phone as used for personal identification in access control application.

  • RFID ear tags

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    RFID animal ear tags are used for animal tracking and animal identification and live stock management. RFID animal ear tag conforms to ISO11784/ISO11785/ FDX-B as well as ISO/IEC 18000-6C. It operates at 134.2KHz , 125KHz or UHF(860-960MHz) frequency. All tags can be identified with entire 15 digit numeric ID, a laser numbering and a bar code on request.

  • RFID glass tag

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    RFID glass ampoule tags are passive RFID glass transponder tags. They are special designed
    for pets or human identification. They are injected in animals’ skin by special syringe or via surgery.

    RFID glass ampoule tags are in very small size and with long read range. They are widely used in animal identification, too identification, asset tracking, automobile immobilizer typical applications.

    RFID glass transponder tags in complicance to ISO11784/11785 FDX-A, FDX-B and HDX.

  • RFID jewelry tag

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    RFID jewelry tags and labels incorporate a small size,transportable and ROHS compliance.It is usually compliant with ISO-18000-6C standard and ISO15693, ISO14443.This high end RFID tag is very suitable for applications including jewellery tagging,inventory management and asset tracking, jewelry management system.

  • RFID laundry tag

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    STARNFC provides full range of laundry RFID tags from 9mm diameters to 30 diameters. And  with LF 125KHz ,HF 13.56MHz,as well as Gen2 UHF frequencies. The PPS material laundry RFID tags could withstand the most rigorous laundry environment including terilizationie, high-pressure water extractors, high temperature and repeating washing and drying.

As the growing of RFID market,the RFID tags cost are lower and lower. RFID tagging system and RFID tags, RFID readers are becoming more interesting to the people.

You will save much time and cost if using tagging RFID attached to objects to automatically identify and track.

We are the main manufacturer of passive RFID tags liking RFID waste Bin tag ( for RFID managment trash );Bio Microchip glass (typical using on small animals like fishes managment,RFID animal tracking); Laundry RFID tags (laundry or hotel luandry application); Mount metal RFID tags ( main for Contains or Car or truck); RFID animal ear tag (RFID tag for cattle or sheep); RFID clear disc tag( RFID asset tracking) ; RFID coin tag (RFID asset managment);RFID dome tags (RFID tag tracking); RFID jewerlly tags; RFID smart token( RFID tags for inventory);RFID tire tags (RFID tags for tire manament);RFID windshield tag (RFID vehicles manamange)ect.

Passive RFID frequency bands:

*. LF:120-150kHz ,10cm range ,Low data speed, Animal identification
and factory data collection
*. HF:13.56MHz,10cm-1m Low to moderate,ISO15693 ISO14443A/B (Miare Classic, Legic, Desfire EV1)
*. UHF 860-960MHz,1-12m, Moderate to high, EAN

What RFID tag advantages and RFID tag disvantages have ?

RFID tag advantages:

1.RFID tag capabilities are large
2.Fast and easy read/write
3.Unique ID number for identify
4.High safe secuirty data keeper
5.Permanent and non-permanent data can be stored.
6.RFID tag collision
7.Small and various RFID tag options

RFID tag disvantages:

1.Technical maturity is not enough
2.Cost is higher than barcode tag
3.Security is not strong enough
4.Technical standards are not uniform

RFID tag applications:

– RFID tags for cattle
– RFID tags for inventory
– RFID tag asset managment and tracking
– RFID tag for bike/bicycle
– RFID tag for car/vehicle
– RFID tag for identify
– RFID tag for arm

STARNFC povides wide range of RFID tags and different RFID tag types for for consideration.All the RFID products are passed by CE and ROHS stanard. The tags are well selling to the world wide including USA, France, Spain ,Belgium, Czech republic, Portugal, Italy,Japan, South Afirca, New Zealand and so on.

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