How RFID is working in solar system?

How RFID is working in solar system?

RFID technology plays an important role in the management of solar systems. Solar energy is a new type of energy, and the world’s new energy industry is developing rapidly. Therefore, the management of solar energy systems is even more important, such as the management of solar panels. Many countries use one- or two-dimensional codes, and one- or two-dimensional codes cannot be identified outside the line of sight, not penetrating, no information storage capability. RFID technology perfectly solves this problem. Let’s take a look at how RFID works in solar systems.

The main components of solar RFID systems

  • RFID tags
  • Fixed readers
  • Controllers
  • Computers
  • Software include management software
  • Card writing software.

RFID system workflow

  1. UID electronic tag mounted on solar panel components
  2. The component information of the electronic tag is read by a fixed Reader.
  3. Bind the required data and synchronize to the management backend as it goes through different production processes.
  4. Production information is collected in real time to achieve automated production management.

RFID system features

  1. It can automatically identify the target object without the need for visible light source;
  2. The system has good stability and is easy to use. It can be customized according to different user data formats.
  3. Support for writing data without re-creating new electronic tags;
  4. RF chips are imported, ensuring stable reading and writing of RFID tags.
  5. RFID electronic tags carrying PV module information, data can be stored for more than 10 years

The application of RFID technology in photovoltaic solar energy production management helps enterprises to manage and monitor all aspects of production through real-time production data, and grasp important information of order progress, which helps enterprises solve problems and improve efficiency.

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