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Where to buy RFID tags for cattles?

The RFID cattle tags provider convenience and reliability for the livestock owners. STARNFC supply high seurity RFID tags for cattles. Which using EPC Gen2 standard with long read range through RFID technology. Each UHF Cattle tag with RFID number is globally unique and can be read by RFID scanners. The number can be printed on tags. All the tags chip is write/read and also can be protected and locked. Few years ago, LF RFID animal tags are considered best in the [...]

915MHz UHF RFID wet inlay with ISO18000-6C protocol

STARNFC provides various of RFID inlay including RFID wet inlay, RFID dry inlay. We also supplies of white RFID labels and preprint RFID labels. (You can chose PET, PVC, Paper for lables). And also could be with ferrit meterial for anti-metal label(directly )used on metal surface. Descriptions: -Wet inlay size :48x22mm -Antenna size :44x18mm -Material: PET+Aluminum -Antenna thickness:0.01mm -Inaly thicknessL0.03mm -Working Frequency:840-960MHz -EEPROM memory options: 0 bits/96 bits/ 512 bits/2048 bits -Re-write times: 10k(HSL 100k) -Data storage: 10 Years -Rate of communication: 640K bits/s(HSL 40kbit/s) -Working temperature:-25℃~+65℃,20%RH~90%RH -Storage temperature :-25℃~+50℃,20%RH~90%RH -Ability to withstand [...]

NXP J2A040 40K JAVA card

This glossy PVC white NXP J2A040 card with genius of JCOP cards. JAVA based, JCOP 2.4.1,JC2.2.2.,GP2.1.1 . It is used for a high security solution requirments. Such as banking , finance, mobile communications , public transportation, access control and network access. J2A040 card with 40K EEPROM, JCOP V2.4.1 Revision, it is updated version of JCOP21-36K Java card. The NXP J2A40 JCOP card is contact interface type smart card. Descriptions: -Material : PVC -Dimension: ISO credit card size 85.5x54mm -Chip: NXP J2A040 -Memory:40K -Printing:Silk-screen printing, CMYK printing, laser printing ,UV,serial number,etc – Magstripe : HICO, [...]