RFID 125KHZ be used in the financial field

RFID 125KHZ be used in the financial field

With the continuous development of the Internet of things, 125khz RFID cards has also widely spread and applied, the application of RFID technology in all walks of life is too much. Today, we will see what is the application of RFID 125KHZ technology in the financial field.

1 RFID can improve the efficiency of bank assets management

China’s large commercial banks have already realized the national data centralization, and the national data center has a large number of IT devices, so it is difficult to track and manage these IT devices. At present, some banks in China have begun to use RFID technology to improve the efficiency of bank asset management.

For example, China Construction Bank has attached RFID electronic labels to fixed assets such as bank data center cabinet and its internal equipment by applying RFID technology, and installed ultra high frequency reading and writing equipment in the entrance of the data center machine room. It combines the environment monitoring software of the machine room, the automatic alarm system and the access control system. The complete monitoring platform of asset management realizes the comprehensive visual tracking and monitoring of the IT equipment, and provides great convenience to the management personnel of the data center for the management efficiency of the IT equipment.

2 Improve the safety of bank account management

Now, most of the banking cash escort work has been outsourced to the security company. The bank outlets will receive the cash box from the bank’s central bank and send it to the bank outlets before the business is open every day. After the end of the daily operation, the security company will transfer the cash box from the bank outlets to the bank central treasury. However, in the Bank of the bank to carry the money car, the money box will be transferred to the bank, and there will be some misappropriation in the course of the money box, which has caused the economic loss to the bank, and has a negative social impact, and there is a hidden danger of security.

And RFID 125khz technology monitoring cash box transfer process, can realize the intelligent escort supervision, security transfer supervision, personnel identification, automatic monitoring and alarm, so as to ensure the correct transfer, high bank funds in the storage and transport process of safety.

The specific process is as follows:

1, attach a RFID label with a separate number to each tail box for batch identification of cash box information.
2, the relevant escort staff, the bank transfer point responsible person and the gunman have the only special RFID tag to ensure that the electronic label can not be duplicated.
3, the escort receives the handheld RFID reading and writing equipment on the basis of the RFID identity label, and downloads the day work task on the handheld RFID reading and writing equipment (including the trunk box card number, the line bank network, the banknote vehicle card number, the bullet mark number and quantity, etc.);
4, collect the firearms, ammunition, and the escort vehicle on the basis of the task on the basis of the task. The system will automatically identify and check its identity information, the correct one is released and the incorrect system will alarm.
5, in the handover of the tail box, the handheld RFID reading and writing equipment can be used to authenticated both sides, read and automatically check the connection tail box information as the basis for the connection with the silver line, and transfer the tail box to the tail box. When the situation is, the wireless network is uploaded to the dispatching monitoring center.
6, according to the business settlement criteria, automatic related business settlement, and print out the settlement results.

The popluar 125khz proxmity cards with EM4200 cards

3 VIP Service – Improve customer service quality
Some domestic banks have applied RFID 125khz technology to their VIP customer management, providing VIP customers with a VIP card that combines ordinary UnionPay cards and RFID tags. Once a VIP customer enters the bank, their personal information (including their name, history and recent transactions) will be immediately transferred from the customized application database. VIP customer information is obtained from the local database and sent to the customer relationship manager. It personally welcomes VIP customers and greatly improves the VIP customer experience.

4 Security ticket
For a long time, many illegal elements have used fraudulent certificates of deposit to defraud deposits and extend fraud to bank counters. Adding the RFID 125khz chip to the deposit receipt can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of the bill, effectively distinguish the authenticity of the deposit certificate, and severely crack down on fraudulent acts of criminals.

For example, the Agricultural Bank of China Jiangsu Branch launched a RFID deposit receipt to strengthen the risk control of temporary containers. The bank has fully popularized RFID cards and used packaging technology to add chips to ordinary deposit cards. Through the combination of chip information and the Agricultural Bank’s production system, the uniqueness of the deposit certificate is realized and the risk of certificate copying and cloning is prevented.

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