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  • 125Khz LF RFID label

    125KHz LF RFID label with very short read range (1-2cm) and with the low cost. It is very
    thiner than normal LF RFID card and LF RFID tag.

    125KHz LF RFID label with the adhesive on back side which is easy for asset tracking.
    It is also can be also used on the metal surface if with anti-metal layer.

    The size and shape of 125Khz LF RFID label could be customized. We supply 25mm -30mm
    diameter round LF RFID sticker and 35-45mm square. Small size with PET/PVC or paper
    material. It could be silkscreen simple print with your desgin or logo.

  • I code slix label

  • NXP NTAG213TT Tamper proof sticker

  • RFID jewelry tag

    RFID jewelry tags and labels incorporate a small size,transportable and ROHS compliance.It is usually compliant with ISO-18000-6C standard and ISO15693, ISO14443.This high end RFID tag is very suitable for applications including jewellery tagging,inventory management and asset tracking, jewelry management system.

  • RFID stickers

    STARNFC provides adhesive RFID labels in different size and shapes ( rectangular, square or round ) . And we supply HF RFID labels and UHF RFID labels. On request adhesive RFID labels with blank , pre-print , encoded adhesive.

    We can produce plastic (PVC) and paper material on the surface for adhesive RFID labels. Different material on the surface the thickness will be various please confirm with us as your requirement.

  • RFID tamper proof labels

    The tamper proof RFID label is specially designed for tagging directly to a substrate, like glass surface. Anyone tries to tear them directly. The RFID tamper proof label will destroy. And it will not work again. Their self-destructive function can be widely used in parking system, Anti-counterfeit, asset tracking, and security access control and so on.

    The Destructible RFID Antenna widely use for brand protection Label, Medicine, Electronic Consumer products, Apparel, Documents, Asset etc .

  • UHF tamper proof for windshield

RFID labels which is a great smart solutions for various RFID asset tracking and RFID inventory managment. RFID smart labels combi RFID inlay and the material could be printeable.Usually RFID adhesive lables named RFID stickers.It is with strong adhesive on backside and easy for sticky.

STARNFC is one of best leading RFID label maunfacturers.We are supplying RFID book label(For library typical 50*50mm RFID library label with ICODE SLIX IC), RFID CD label, RFID jewelry label( Cheap RFID label to save RFID label cost in Jewllery stores), RFID label for metal ( We can add ferrite material , the RFID tags can be directly used on metal surface),EPC RFID label( UHF RFID label for the long read range requirment applications),RFID windshield label (Stick on the Car to track and management), clothing RFID labels (special for managing in clothing production and on sales) and so on

RFID label types:
LF RFID labels: 125khz ,wire copper antenna , short read range
HF RFID labels: 13.56MHz, aluminium etching antenna , 0-1m
UHF RFID labels: 860-960MHz, aluminium eching antenna, up to 10m

How do RFID labels work ?
Give a short expample in retail.
Clothing RFID labels attached on the clothes.When related a handheld RFID reader to scan it. It will show you the uinique serial number and other information from the RFID labels to identity the clothes.

What different between Barcode and RFID stickers ?

RFID labels are barcode both are for tracking and identity objects.What are the main different btween them?

RFID labels with Memory can be read or write and it can be refresh the information.But barcode could not be changed the information. And barcode information can be seen but you can not see the information inside the RFID labels when the associate reader closing can know the infromation.Sometimes RFID labels can print the barcode too.

RFID label with fast reading not liking barcode needs one by one.Such as we can read more than 150pcs RFID labels in few mins in RFID turnel reader.

The barcode could not be changed but can be copy and it is not very safe.
RFID label with UID number (unique number for idenfity ) It is not easy to copy in higher security.

We are RFID labels factory and wholesaler in China .Providing many differen size of RFID labels inlucing small RFID labels size and IC options.White RFID lables and printing RFID labels we can both make.

Many RFID labels wholesalers and suppliers in China.How can you find the competitive and good RFID labels company ?

First,to find the RFID label factory to save the cost .
Second, to find the RFID label maker would like to accept low MOQ. We can accept 100pcs MOQ each RFID label types.
Third, to find the RFID label maker who would like to provide the samples for your test before the mass production to check the quality. We can offer the samples, if the samples from stock only freight afford , if no samples from stock we can dissus.

White RFID sticker, printable RFID labels, RFID lables on metal surface , to find here STARNFC.
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