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RFID Mifare

RFID, Radio frequency identification,also known as electronic tag, is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It identifies specific targets through radio signals, reads and writes related data, and does not need to identify systems to have mechanical or optical contact with the target. It does not need manual intervention, can be used in various harsh environments, can identify high-speed moving objects, and can identify multiple labels at the same time, which is fast and convenient. The second generation of identity [...]

RFID card access control

RFID card access control system, also known as the control system of exit and entry, is a system to manage and control the entrance and exit of important areas or channels. With the development of the society, it is not limited to the simple management of the door lock or key, but a new modern safety management system which integrates automatic identification technology and modern management technology. It has become a very important part of the security system. It [...]

RFID labels wholesalers and suppliers in China

RFID labels which is a great smart solutions for various RFID asset tracking and RFID inventory managment. RFID smart labels combi RFID inlay and the material could be printeable.Usually RFID adhesive lables named RFID stickers.It is with strong adhesive on backside and easy for sticky. STARNFC is one of best leading RFID label maunfacturers.We are supplying RFID book label(For library typical 50*50mm RFID library label with ICODE SLIX IC), RFID CD label, RFID jewelry label( Cheap RFID label to save [...]