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RFID animal tags numbering information

RFID ear tags for Cows: Use Large size ear tags. Use numbers 1 thru number in herd. Maintain the end number the amount of cattle you use (ie 1-100). RFID tags for Bulls: Use Large size ear tags. May use another color tag compared to cows. Use numbers 1 through amount of bulls in herd. RFID animal tags for Calves: Use calf-size tags. Number 1 through the quantity of momma cows. Buy two sets or even a bag of blanks for twins. By way of example: Only have 100 cows and two [...]

RFID technology used in 10 RFID applications

1.  RFID security The problem of forgery is a headache in all parts of the world, and the anti-counterfeiting technology applied now, such as holographic anti-counterfeiting, will also be forged by criminals. The application of radio frequency identification technology in the field of anti-counterfeiting has its own technical advantages, and it has the advantages of low cost and difficult to forge. The cost of electronic tags is relatively cheap, and the manufacture of chips requires expensive factories that discourage counterfeiters. [...]