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RFID low frequency from 125Khz to 134.2KHz introduction

RFID Low frequency (from 125KHz to 134KHz) In fact, RFID technology has first been widely used and promoted at low frequencies. The frequency is mainly through inductive coupling To perform work, that is, there is a transformer coupling between the reader coil and the inductor coil. Through the alternating field of the reader The voltage induced in the antenna of the inductor is rectified and can be used as a power supply voltage. The magnetic field area can be well defined, but The [...]

Why RFID tags , RFID cards price are up in 2021?

Since the COVID-19 effected. Do you know what price of the plastic cards printing ? Up ! Up ! Up! Since everythig is up expcept the salary. How hard we are now. There are 3 main reasons to effect the cost of PVC cards printing up. 1. The raw of material PVC, PET, ABS, PET-G are up 3 times from 2020 to 2021. 2. There is industrial power rationing in many factories. The China govement to promote energy conservation and carry out environmental [...]