• 125khz LF cards cheap from STARNFC

    125KHz card

  • 13.56MHz rfid card

    13.56MHz RFID card

    13.56MHz RFID card (high frequeny card) is a contactless smart card with credit card size dimensions 85.6×53.98mm ( ISO/IEC7810 to ISO/IEC 7816)
    13.56MHz RFID cards as contactless smart cards are used for electronic transport ticketing, loyalty cards, electronic payment cards, parking , ID cards, NFC tag cards ect.

  • SR176 card ST smart card with 176 user memory

    ISO14443B SR176 short range RFID card

    ISO14443B SR176 card which offers 176 bits of EEPROM organized in eleven 16-bit blocks, a 64-bit UID and an 8-bit Chip_ID. Meeting various of applications liking access control, event ticket, industrial identification that do not need to be modified more than a few times.

  • 860-960MHz RFID uhf card with long read range

    UHF EPC Gen2 RFID cards 860-960MHz

    860-960MHz UHF(Ultra High Frequency) RFID cards with a long read distance and muti-card read/write capablity. It is faster data transfer rate than LF and HF. As comply with the international standard EPC global UHF Gen 2 .

RFID card ISO size 85.5x54mm (credit card size) is popular in Radio-frequency identification(RFID) market. RFID card inside which embeded with RFID card antenna and RFID card chip. They are wildly used in various of RFID applications including RFID card acesson control, RFID card for electric car charging, RFID card for senior citizens, RFID card for school,RFID card for hotel, RFID card for student, RFID for game, RFID card for guard ect.

STARNFC is a professional RFID card manufactuer and wholesaler. With more than one decade expreience of producing RFID cards in strict management mode. All RFID chips have been approved by IC certification and ISO19001:2008 certification. We have steady closing business relationship with different kinds of RFID chip suppliers including NXP, Ateml, EM, Infineon, Texas Instrument, INSIDE, LEGIC , STMicroelectronics, FuDan, Innovision, Alien and so on. So you can find wild range of RFID chip cards here.

Our International sales teams provide you in small RFID card bulk, reasonable RFID card price, profesional RFID card knowledges. Our engineer can help you deisgn RFID card antenna, give you RFID card internal structure,provide RFID card data, do RFID card encoder and RFID card encrption (as customer requirments).If you are interested in RFID card fucntion we can also help you to know about.

As according to RFID frequency standard. They can be divide into 3 main RFID card types. LF (125KHz freuqney), HF(13.56MHz frquency) and UHF (860-960MHz frequency).

List RFID card distance (read distance)for reference, as following:

LF 125KHz card :1-5cm
Typical: RFID card EM( EM Marin company) like RFID card EM4100 , RFID card EM4200, RFID card TK4100 , RFID card T5577

HF 13.56MHz card:1-10cm
Typical:NXP MIARE Classic RFID cards( 1k, 4k, Ultralight) ICODE , Fudan

UHF 860-960MHz card:3-10 meters
Typical: UHF H3, UcodeGen2,G2XM

Features of the above 3 RFID chip cards, as following:

* Low cost for LF 125khz card only read and support ISO11784/11785 RO
* Normally HF 13.56MHz card with read/write and support ISO1443A, ISO1443B,ISO15693
* UHF 860-960MHz card in long read range and anti-collision capability

Buy RFID card from us we promised you in good quality and competitive price. Like we can do MIFARE 1k white card from 0.08usd/pc to 0.15usd/pc.

We can offer you in ISO credit card size or customized size white or preprint RFID card . Except RFID LF card, RFID HF card, RFID UHF card. We also can supply RFID java card, RFID contact IC card, RFID rewritbale sufrace card, RFID blocking card, NFC card, Cashless payment system cards.

Customized your RFID card image or RFID card disgn ,there are few same options and features for your choices:
*.CMYK or PMS full color offset or silkscreen print
*.Magnetic stripes ( HiCo or LoCo)
*.Signature pannel
*.Scratch off panels
*.Golden or Silver metallic

Our RFID cards distrbutor including RFID card india, RFID card in Malaysia, RFID card is Singapore, RFID card in USA, RFID card in UK, RFID card in Europe, RFID in South Africa, RFID card in Vietnam, RFID card in Canada, RFID card in Mexico and so on.

Please feel free to contact us info@starnfc.com if any RFID card and related RFID products are interested to you. We will reply you within 24 hr. Thank you !

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