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RFID 125KHZ be used in the financial field

RFID 125KHZ be used in the financial field With the continuous development of the Internet of things, 125khz RFID cards has also widely spread and applied, the application of RFID technology in all walks of life is too much. Today, we will see what is the application of RFID 125KHZ technology in the financial field. 1 RFID can improve the efficiency of bank assets management China’s large commercial banks have already realized the national data centralization, and the national data center has [...]

RFID tag supplier- laundry MIFARE 1k (13.56 mhz)

RFID tag supplier- laundry MIFARE 1k (13.56 mhz) STARNFC is professional RFID tag supplier,laundry MIFARE 1k (13.56 mhz) tags can can solve many problems in our lives. At present, hotels, hospitals, baths and professional washing companies are facing the process of handling thousands of pieces of work clothes, handover, washing, ironing, finishing, storage and so on each year. How to effectively track and manage the polyester process, times, inventory status and effective classification of the cloth is a great challenge. The traditional [...]

What is MIFARE cards?

What is MIFARE cards? MIFARE card is currently the world’s most widely used, the most mature technology, the most stable performance, the largest memory capacity of an inductive smart IC card. The Mifare card, commonly known as the M1 card, is a type of IC card. The original chip is often called the NXP card or the Philips S50 card. Mifare series cards sometimes refer to Mifare UltraLight as MF0, Mifare S50 and S70 as MF1, Mifare Pro as MF2, and Mifare [...]

NFC tags

NFC tags NFC, also known as close range wireless communication, is a short range high frequency wireless communication technology that allows electronic devices to carry out non-contact point to point data transmission and exchange data. NFC tag have high quality. The technology evolved from RFID, which was developed jointly by PHILPS and SONY, based on RFID and interconnect technology. Near field communication is a short distance high frequency radio technology, which runs at 20 cm distance at 13.56MHz frequency. Its transmission speed [...]

PVC card with chip wholesale

PVC card with chip wholesale PVC card is a popular product in the world, they can become member card, bank card, credit card, etc. Why the PVC card have so many functions? just because PVC card with chip can make out many different ability. We call it smart card. Smart card : a plastic card embedded in microchips (usually the size of a credit card). Some smart cards contain a microchip, and smart cards need data interaction through reader. Smart cards are [...]

Nfc payment application in our lives

Nfc payment application in our lives NFC, Near field communication is a new technology. Devices using NFC Technology (such as mobile phones) can exchange data in the case of close proximity to each other. It is evolved from the integration of non-contact radio frequency identification (RFID) and interconnect Interoperability Technology, by integrating an inductive reader on a single chip. The function of inductive card and point-to-point communication is to realize the application of mobile payment, electronic ticketing, access control, mobile [...]