RFID smart card prelam manufacturer

  • RFID prelam combi card inlay

    RFID prelam combi card inlay with two or event more rfid chips technologies. We provides RFID prelam combi card inlay including UHF+HF, UHF+LF, HF+UHF chips in one card. If you need the contact chip which could be also embedded in the rfid prelam sheet as customers’ request.

  • RFID prelam HF 13.56MHz Card inlay prelaminated inlay HF

    RFID prelam HF 13.56MHz card inlay is half-finished product. As the most important part means the core part for ISO RFID card. All the prelam sheets are durability and optimized read/write performance , that are all packaged clean from dust.

STARNFC is a leading RFID componments and RFID card inlay maunfucturer.With strict production rule and managment system standard for making RFID prelam.

RFID card prelam is the core element of an RFID smart card.The RFID smart card prelam is a half-finished product specially design for the RFID card distributor required.And it brings a durable and convenient solution for the RFID card distributors.The RFID prelam sheet benefits for numerous RFID card maker. They buy the RFID card inlay sheet from us and directly use specailly manchine to press them in high temperature togehter with lamination. Only less steps to finish the card.

As RFID card inlay manufacturtuer-STARNFC provides various RFID prelam inlay sheets. LF RFID prelam inlay (125khz), HF RFID prelam (13.56MHz), UHF RFID inlay(860-960MHz) and combi RFID card inlay (LF+HF, LF+UHF, HF +UHF )

Key features:
-Material: PVC, PET, ABS
– RFID inlay prelam format: 2*5(A4),5*5,3*7,3*8,4*5.3*7 or cusotm RFID prelam
-Frequency:LF,HF, UHF or combi
-Color : white
-Protocol: ISO11784/11785, ISO14443A/B,ISO15693, ISO18000-6B/C
-Available IC: Ateml, EM Martin, NXP, Infineon, Inside, LEGIC, Impinj,Alien
-Thickness: LF 0.55+-0.03mm
HF 0.5+-0.03mm
-Read range:LF:0-10cm
-Working Temperature:-25℃ to +55℃
-Store temperature :-25℃ to +55℃

Different freuqncy RFID inlay sheet using different antenna technology. Normally as following:
*LF:Pre-winding cooper Coli (COB)
*HF:AL Etching, Pre-winding Copper Coil, Altrasonic Embeding
*UHF:AL etching

The whole size of RFID inlay sheet:
*A4 210*297mm
*Custom RFID prelam sheet size

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