RFID tag supplier- laundry MIFARE 1k (13.56 mhz)

RFID tag supplier- laundry MIFARE 1k (13.56 mhz)

STARNFC is professional RFID tag supplier,laundry MIFARE 1k (13.56 mhz) tags can can solve many problems in our lives.

At present, hotels, hospitals, baths and professional washing companies are facing the process of handling thousands of pieces of work clothes, handover, washing, ironing, finishing, storage and so on each year. How to effectively track and manage the polyester process, times, inventory status and effective classification of the cloth is a great challenge.

The traditional washing industry is faced with the following problems:

  1. The task of handwashing on paper is complicated, and the query is difficult.
  2. Because of the fear of cross infection, some statistics on the quantity of washing cloth can not be carried out. If the quantity of washing is not matched with collection, it is easy to generate commercial disputes.
  3. Every step of the washing process can not be accurately monitored, and the leaking process of cloth grass appears.
  4. The problem of the accurate classification of the washed cloth

We can use rfid tag – laundry mifare 1k (13.56 mhz) to apply the ultra high frequency (UHF) laundry label to the intelligent management of washing products, and build an efficient working platform of laundry industry fast clothing, sorting, automatic inventory, and clothing, greatly improving the work efficiency and reducing the error rate. More RFID tags products can be accessed:https://www.starnfc.com/product-category/rfid-tags/

Compared with traditional manual management, RFID tags has the following characteristics:

  1. Batch scanning and identification, without single scanning, convenient for manual handover and management, easy and quick to use;
  2. Improve work efficiency and economic efficiency, save personnel costs and reduce costs;
  3. Fully automatic design, improve the quality of service;
  4. It can accurately distinguish customers, laundry categories and their preferential services;
  5. Record customer information and laundry statistics, generate various reports, you can query and print information at any time;
  6. The system is sensitive and reliable, and the equipment is safe and durable.

This is the uniqueness of using RFID tags and the fast, fast and one-time batch scanning features of the reader. The RFID tag has the following features:

  1. The uniqueness of the label, anti-counterfeiting Each chip has its own “ID card”: the world’s only digital code, and this digital code has been solidified on the chip in the factory production, can not be changed, and is the storage area, Label categories, customers and other information can be stored.
  2. High literacy and high read and write stability.
    The reliable recognition distance is not less than 6 meters.
    Reliably identify fast moving targets up to 80km / h.
    The recognition rate is up to 200 tags per second.
  3. It can read and write multiple labels in the reading area and has anti-collision function.
  4. Excellent performance in information security and confidentiality.

The advantage of RFID tags

Each hotel includes hundreds of room covers, sheets, towels, towels, and so on. A lot of textiles leave the hotel every day. To be cleaned, pressed and folded back to the hotel, with so many hotels, it makes it harder to track the location and quantity of those textiles and to confirm whether they are all. It has returned.
For hotels: it is hoped that the number of times each item is cleaned can be traced, and the life of these items is estimated on the basis of the number of cleaning times, and it is hoped that the alarm can be received when the maximum number of cleaning is reached, indicating that the item may need to be replaced.
For the washing shop: it is necessary to distinguish the different types of textiles and the number of various textile cleaning in different hotels. At the same time, we need to solve the fast cleaning of the laundry and the inventory, the inventory and the inventory. By using the rfid tag – laundry mifare 1k (13.56 mhz), the above requirements are solved.

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