NXP UCODE8 UHF RFID passive labels are used in the target market

NXP UCODE8 UHF RFID passive labels are offen used for the following various of RFID applications:

*Supply chain management
*Apprel sticker
*Shipping serive
*Airline luggage tracking

NXP U8 offers high performance and features for use in the most demanding RFID tagging applications.

– Working frequency :860-960MHZ
– NXP U8 with longer readrange which can up tp 8 meters
– Read/Wriste sensitivity
– Up to 128-bit EPC
– 96-bit Unique Tag Identifier (TID) factory locked, including 48-bit unique serial number
– Wide operating temperature range: -40 °C up to +85 °C
– Minimum 100k write cycle endurance

According to the fratures of NXP U8 label that is why the lable is so popular in different of traget markets. And it can be reused , the NXP UCODE8 labels can be repeatedly adding, modifying and deleting data stored in the RFID label, which facilitates the replacement and updated of information.

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