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What is NFC?

What is NFC? For NFC, everyone will not be unfamiliar. As a convenient communication technology, NFC has been serving everyone for many years. In our lives, we will see it from time to time. For example, subway, bus and Mobile payment. But who invented NFC? When was it invented? What technology is it based on? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Many people don’t know much about NFC. Today, STARNFC will lead everyone to know NFC. The birth of NFC NFC, the full name is Near [...]

RFID products provider in china

RFID products provider in china STARNFC technologies Co., Ltd is one of best RFID products provider in China. Our company combines production and sales, and strictly produces according to international quality. Professional workers and engineers are responsible for each production process. Our RFID cards and labels are exported to all corners of the world. Widely used in all areas of RFID applications, including: Asset tracking, time & attendance, access control , warehouse managment and so on. Our company features: – We are not only RFID products provider but [...]

The Best RFID cards supplier in the China

The Best RFID cards supplier in the China Are you looking for a RFID card supplier? STARNFC can provide you with the best RFID card, RFID tag. We are the best RFID cards supplier in China. As long as you send us an email, we will get back to you in 24 hours. Our RFID cards and RFID labels are used in a wide range of applications. 1 STARNFC RFID card for access control The access control system uses radio frequency identification technology [...]

RFID MIFARE classic 1k products

RFID MIFARE classic 1k products MIFARE Classic® ICs are very typical and hot Mifare classic family chip. They are wildly used in a variety of RFID applications worldwide.The MIFARE Classic newest vesion is MIFARE Classic ev1. It can be embeded in different kinds of RFID products. Such as Mifare classic ISO card, Mifare classic key fob, Mifare classic label, Mifare classic NFC tag, Mifare classic sticker, Mifare classic RFID tag, Mifare classic wristband (mifare classic bracelets), mifare classic layout and so on. Mifare Classic [...]

RFID application in the Retail industry-Case study

RFID application in the Retail industry-Case study With the pioneering application of RFID technology in the export-oriented commodity manufacturing industry,the rising labor costs of the retail industry, the increasing demand for logistics costs, the need for retail companies to compete and develop, and the rise of unmanned retail/smart retail, It will provide the impetus for the rapid application of RFID technology in modern retail industry. It can be predicted that RFID technology will play an increasingly important role in enhancing [...]