RFID low frequency from 125Khz to 134.2KHz introduction

RFID Low frequency (from 125KHz to 134KHz) In fact, RFID technology has first been widely used and promoted at low frequencies. The frequency is mainly through inductive coupling To perform work, that is, there is a transformer coupling between the reader coil and the inductor coil. Through the alternating field of the reader The voltage induced in the antenna of the inductor is rectified and can be used as a power supply voltage. The magnetic field area can be well defined, but The [...]

Why RFID tags , RFID cards price are up in 2021?

Since the COVID-19 effected. Do you know what price of the plastic cards printing ? Up ! Up ! Up! Since everythig is up expcept the salary. How hard we are now. There are 3 main reasons to effect the cost of PVC cards printing up. 1. The raw of material PVC, PET, ABS, PET-G are up 3 times from 2020 to 2021. 2. There is industrial power rationing in many factories. The China govement to promote energy conservation and carry out environmental [...]

Introduction of RFID

1.1 RFID and its characteristics 1. RFID  is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification, that is, identification through radio waves. It is a non-contact automatic identification technology realized by electromagnetic coupling. 2. In the RFID system, the identification information is stored in an electronic data carrier, which is called a RFID transponder. 3. The identification information stored in the RFID transponder is read by the reader. 4.The RFID reader can not only read but also write. The reading and writing process is realized through [...]

UHF RFID tags knowledge

As UHF applications have been using more and more in our daily life , how to according to the practical application design system to achieve better use effect ? It is much useful to understand of the UHF tags related content. Today we can discuss about some of important knowledge of UHF memory.   EPC memory: RFID tags goods coding region (EPC) by the CRC – 16, PC control (agreement), EPC of three parts. RFID tags EPC item code area code parsing PC [...]

Alien Higgs-3

EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID tag IC is very popluar for embeded in various of RFID tags.The Alien Higgs-3 is performance for a broad range of applications. Applications: * Tagging items for management * Inventory and tracking asset * Tracking logistics * Baggage tracking * Supply Chain management * Product authentication ALN-9662 H3 Description: Higgs-3 operates at extremely low power levels, still provides for long read range. The costive of Higgs 3 RFID chip implemented in a low cost CMOS process and uses proven and cost effective EEPROM technology. Features: * Protocol: EPCglobal Gen2(V 1.2.0) as [...]

Types of RFID tags for safe guaiding

When you believe about it, it tends to make feeling for each house to have its personal, customized-produced hearth security drill. After all, every hotel has one and so does every workplace and community developing, so why ought to your family and home not be on a par with them? But how many households have 1. I personally do not know of any. It is strange that we seem to undervalue our nearest and dearest this kind of a [...]

RFID used in various of applications

Radio Frequency Identification also generally known as RFID has astonished its fanatics simply because of its affect to make more efficient the provide chain management, therefore making this technology the subsequent big factor in the industry. The only problem with the RFID technologies that surely will arise is the privacy issues and safety of the people utilizing this technologies with or without their understanding that the item they bought has been tagged with RFID. Today it seems we have an [...]

Asset Administration – 5 Fundamental Methods To Remain Productive As A Wahm

It’s quite hard to attain your objectives if you have a great map. After all, life throws you a lot of curve balls. There is conflicting guidance from different individuals – such as your advisers – they all have different agendas. There may be a property management head aches, issues in the family, rising costs, altering authorities regulations, and much much more. It is difficult enough to manage even a great plan. Imagine how you want to do without [...]

EPC Gen2 ISO/IEC 18000-6C UHF card

EPC Gen2 ISO/IEC 18000-6C UHF card feature as following: Pre-programmed with a unique, unalterable 64-bit serial number (ideal for authentication) User Memory can be Block Perma-Locked User Memory can be Read Password protected in 64bit blocks, prohibiting unintended Reads without an access password Supports all Mandatory and Optional Gen 2 commands including item level commands Custom commands for high speed programming Available in high-yield, high-capacity dry/wet inlay rolls for high volume converting processes Features: – EPC Gen 2 (v1.2.0) compliant – ISO/IEC 18000-6C compliant – Worldwide RFID UHF operation (840-960MHz) – [...]

UHF RFID tag for asset tracking and managment

All UHF RFID asset tags are compliant with EPC global-certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 readers and modules, with broadband capability for international operations. High performance UHF RFID asset tags are available for mounting on metal, plasitc, or wood. They are waterpoof, dustproof, lightweight and resist high-pressure/high temperature washing conditions. hey provide high resistance to aggressive liquids and physical impact and deliver excellent performance and reading stability across fluctuating temperatures. Key feature: – Offer US,EU,JAN UHF frequency for your options – Long read [...]