RFID low frequency from 125Khz to 134.2KHz introduction

RFID Low frequency (from 125KHz to 134KHz)
In fact, RFID technology has first been widely used and promoted at low frequencies. The frequency is mainly through inductive coupling
To perform work, that is, there is a transformer coupling between the reader coil and the inductor coil. Through the alternating field of the reader
The voltage induced in the antenna of the inductor is rectified and can be used as a power supply voltage. The magnetic field area can be well defined, but
The field strength has dropped too fast.

RFID LF characteristic:
1. The general working frequency of the inductor working at low frequency ranges from 120KHz to 134KHz, and the working frequency of TI is
134.2KHz. The wavelength of this band is about 2500m.
2. In addition to the influence of metal materials, generally low frequency can pass through objects of any material without reducing its reading distance.
3. There are no special license restrictions for readers working at low frequencies in the world.
4. Low-frequency products have different packaging forms. A good package is too expensive, but it has been used for more than 10 years
Use life.
5. Although the magnetic field area of ​​this frequency drops quickly, it can produce a relatively uniform read and write area.
6. Compared with RFID products in other frequency bands, the data transmission rate in this frequency band is relatively slow.
7. The price of the sensor is relatively more expensive than other frequency bands.

RFID LF Applications:
1. Animal husbandry management system
2. Application of car anti-theft and keyless door opening system
3. Application of Marathon System

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