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RFID for Industrial Laundries

Now industrial laundries recognized the advantages of using RFID to deal with massive laundry operations. Commercial laundries process a huge number of pieces every hour for multiple customers. It is estimated that there are many than 400 million uniforms and also other garments which can be rented in America and Europe. 20% of workers wear rented uniforms this also number keeps growing by 15% annually. Every one of these uniforms need cleaning. Each one of these cleaned uniforms should be returned right customer enter RFID.

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Once the industrial laundries began using RFID the only real suitable and available technology was HF (13.56 MHz) RFID. Laundry operators created portals. An RFID portal is a read station comprised of an RFID reader with an array of antennas. The RFID tags usually are sewn to the garment. To control the flow of uniforms and garments through a laundry facility every RFID tags is read as the items passed through the different stages in the operation. Typically read stations will be in receiving, sorting, cleaning and washing, drying, ironing, folding, sorting, supply. The tags must withstand the substances used in the washing and cleaning process. The tags must also withstand the washing, drying and ironing temperatures along with the tags must outlast the life in the garment.

UHF RFID is Introduced
A brand new RFID standard was approved in December 2004: EPC Gen 2. The brand new standard has resulted in changes in RFID capabilities and value. The Gen 2 RFID tags are less expensive than HF tags and also the read variety of the tags has increased from the thing that was centimetres to meters or inches to yards. Most new laundry implementations are using this recent rise in RFID technology. Laundry The reassurance of Hotels Hotel linen includes hand towels, sheets, pillow and many other items. Some hotel guests are involved in taking up a couple of of these back to their residence. To some, theft of hotel towels is a bit more pastime than petty crime. Hotels, however, apparently get it more seriously. UHF RFID laundry tags might be sewn directly into towels, bathrobes or sheets.

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The flexible laundry label based on RFID technology is especially suitable for garment and linen washing, which has the following advantages:

1. Batch scanning and identification, convenient for manual handover and management work, convenient and quick to use;

2. Improve work efficiency and economic efficiency,save personnel expenses and reduce costs;

3. Fully automatic design to improve service quality;

4, can accurately distinguish the customer, the laundry category and its preferential services;

5, Record customer data and laundry statistics, generate various reports, and query and print information at any time;

6, the system is sensitive and reliable, the equipment is safe and durable.

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