NTAG213 TT compare with NTAG 213

NTAG 213 TT provides extended function

Provides additional advantages for smart packaging and brand protection

NTAG 213 TT  label tampering function

Used to detect the status of the label tamper line during startup

If the test leads are open

This event will be stored permanently by NTAG 213 TT

Label tampering information status can be ASCII code formal mirroring or user memory containing NDEF information

Or can be read by a dedicated command

Further improved original signatures on the NTAG 213 TT

Can be programmed and locked during tag initialization

NTAG 213 TT is fully compliant with NFC Forum Type 2 Tag (Ref.2)

And ISO / IEC14443 Type A (Ref.1) specifications

Communication with the NTAG 213 TT can only be established when the IC is connected to the antenna

When the NTAG 213 TT is in the RF field

High-speed RF communication interface allows data to be transmitted at a baud rate of 106 kbit / s

NTAG 213 TT provides specific features designed to improve integration and user convenience

Fast read function

Allows scanning of complete NDEF messages using only one FAST_READ command

Thereby reducing overhead in high-throughput production environments

Improved RF performance makes it possible to choose shapes

Greater flexibility in size and materials

In terms of security

The manufacturer has written a 7-byte UID for each device

One-time programmable bit pre-programmed function container

Field programmable read-only lock function

Pre-programmed ECC-based original signature

Provide the possibility of custom and permanent locks

32-bit password protection

To prevent unauthorized memory operations

Customer programmed tag tampering message is blocked

Tampering event detected until startup

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