How many types of UHF RFID tags memory ?

Q: In UHF Gen 2 tags, let’s consider how many types UHF RFID tagsmemory and how to know when you ought to use every type?

A: Gen 2 RFID tags are comprised of an antenna along with a chip (more accurately known as a built-in circuit, or IC). The ICs for Gen 2 tags contain four types of memory:

Reserved memory

EPC memory

TID memory

User memory

When starting your application deciding on a tag, and locate out about what amount memory is on each tag’s IC, you can also examine the specifications page on every tag’s data sheet. To be aware of the properties of the memory bank, we’ve outlined them below:

Reserved Memory:

This memory bank stores the kill password combined with the access password (each are 32 bits). The kill password permanently disables the tag (hardly ever used), along with the access password is placed to lock and unlock the tag’s write capabilities. This memory bank is merely writable if you would like specify some password. Most users do not use this memory area unless their applications contain sensitive data. It cannot store information in addition to the two codes.

EPC Memory:

This memory bank stores the EPC code, or Electronic Product Code. It possesses a great no less than 96 components of writable memory. The EPC memory is commonly utilized in most applications if he or she just have 96 bits of memory. There are lots of tags that can handle allocating more bits on the EPC memory within the user memory. EPC memory will probably be your first writable memory bank.

TID Memory:

This memory is required then keep unique tag ID number from your manufacturer if the IC is produced. Typically, this memory portion cannot be changed.

User Memory:

In the event the user needs more memory compared to the EPC section has available, certain ICs have extended user memory which could store more information. In relation to user memory, there isn’t any standard in what number of bits of memory are writable on each tag. Typically, the extended memory is a maximum of 512 bits, but there are a few high memory tags with as many as 4K or 8K bytes of memory. Here is the second writable memory bank for Gen 2 ICs.

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