Types of UHF tags

Do you know how many types of UHF tags are popular in the market ?
Today we introduces some information of types of UHF tags.

*.Composition of UHF RFID tags

There are 3 main parts of UHF tags: a chip + an antenna +a packaging
scheme. The chip determines the core function of the tag, the antenna
design determines the performance of the tag, and the packaging scheme
determines whether the tag is suitable for the application

*.The features of UHF RFID tags
-Strong penetrability and resistance to harsh environments.
-Strong security and confidentiality.
-Low cost and reusable, and the data storage capacity is large.

*.The protocol of UHF RFID tags
– ISO/IEC 18000-6C(63)
– ISO/IEC18000-6D(64)
– GB/T 29768(China)

*.UHF Tags frequency range
– China 840-844MHz and 920-924MHz
– EU 865-868MHz
– Japan 952-954MHz
– HK, Tailand , Sigapore 920-925MHz
– USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, South America 902MHz-928MHz

*New type UHF tags and apllications

Renctly years, the demand of UHF tags are rising. Different
applications requirments also bring the different new UHF tags types.

1.Typical application: item location and search

Sound of light reminder UHF tag

The sound of light reminder UHF tag with sound and light reminding
funcation which can quicly find objets in the item management.
Applications: Warehouse inventory itme location
Shelf position
Book sercah ,file search ect

2.Typical application: temperature monitoring

Temperature sensing tag

Temperature sensor RFID tags are mainly used to record the status of
goods at any position in the supply chain. Temperature sensor RFID
tags are the first choice for unique product identification,
especially for medicine, food, body care products, seafood, tobacco,
beverages, etc. Storage is very helpful, its small size and easy to
mount. Suitable for various scenarios.

3.Typical application: Outdoor Asset management
Anti-IR/UV irradiation label

Long-term irradiation of infrared rays and ultraviolet rays will
damage the chips of RFID tags, thus affecting the use of RFID tags.
RFID tags with IR/UV protection can effectively reduce these effects.
Widely used in the management of outdoor assets, especially the
management of vehicles.

4.Typical application: liquid packaging label management

Anti-liquid label

Its technical advantages are multi-label readability, long reading
distance, fast reading speed, large information storage capacity, high
security, and high resistance. Strong liquid interference ability.
Widely used in liquid packaging logo.

NTAG213TT tamper proof label

5. Typical Application: Logistics Transportation Management

UHF seal tag

Normally RFID seal tag is disposible. Compared with traditional lead-
sealed electronic tags, it has a higher level of security and tamper
resistance. Widely used in the identification of items in the process
of supply chain, logistics, transportation, transportation, etc., such
as containers, containers, boxes, etc., to facilitate tracking and
traceability supervision, to prevent theft or loss of items.

6.Typical applications: equipment, asset management


The UHF PCB tag with excellent reading performance on metal surfaces.
The surface of the PCB label is anti-static coating to prevent strong
electric breakdown. High level of protection. It is widely used in
equipment, asset management; warehouse pallet and shelf management;
painting production line, SMT production line and other practical

7.Typcial application: equipment, mold and other management

UHF screw tag

It is made of stainless steel,which is embedded in the screw head, and
the surface is protected with industrial glue potting.
Products use 3D asset management, mold management, large equipment
management, container management, special metal surface management,

8.Typical Application: Management of equipment, tools, etc.

UHF mini tag

The UHF mini tag is strong and impact resistant, with good weather
resistance, and a long reading distance. The typical application
environment of the product is embedded metal grooves, which are widely
used in tool management and micro and small equipment management.

9.Typical Application: Animal Management

RFID livestock tag(UHF animal ear tags)

Livestock ear tag is an electronic device dedicated to animal
identification and electronic management. It is an electronic
identification card that can be recognized by animals. In this way,
many animal scientific research, breeding, management, investigation
and other work have been automated 3. Informatization technology
means, the ability to track and manage animals will be greatly
improved. The electronic ear tag can record the relevant information
of each animal together. Once the epidemic situation and the quality
of animal products and other issues occur, the source can be traced
(traced), the responsibility is divided, and the loophole is blocked.

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10.Typical Application: Indoor Asset Management

Foam anti-tear metal tag

UHF foam anti-tear label, suitable for Toshiba 4T and SATO 4L
printers, has the characteristics of light and soft, self-printing,
excellent performance, shortens the inventory inventory cycle and
cost, improves asset management and utilization efficiency, and avoids
the good anti-tear effect The package-dropping behavior of separation
of tags and assets is suitable for asset management of various indoor
office assets and high-precision instruments.

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