RFID animal tags numbering information

RFID ear tags for Cows:

Use Large size ear tags.

Use numbers 1 thru number in herd.

Maintain the end number the amount of cattle you use (ie 1-100).

RFID tags for Bulls:

Use Large size ear tags.

May use another color tag compared to cows.

Use numbers 1 through amount of bulls in herd.

RFID animal tags for Calves:

Use calf-size tags.

Number 1 through the quantity of momma cows.

Buy two sets or even a bag of blanks for twins.

By way of example:

Only have 100 cows and two bulls inside my herd, I’d personally have large pink tags numbered 1 through 100 to the Cows. I might have large blue tags numbered 1 & 2 for your Bulls. I would have medium calf-size tags numbered 1 through 100 with 2 groups of each number ready for calving season with similar color for gender as above.

Because calves are born, I might tag the calf with similar number as the cow (if Mom is #51, calf gets #51). You are able to tag males and feminine calves different colors. I might keep 2 sets of each number readily available or blank tags to write on in the event I desired a backup for a lost tag or perhaps a cow has twins.

After the year, I might take off the medium size calf tag having a tag removal knife and store it to reuse the tag, purchasing a bag of recent buttons to use the tag with during calving season the next year. I’d personally switch the keeper calf tag which has a Large size ear tag, contributing to my current numbering system (

Easily desired to advertise my ranch I might use custom tags with my ranch name and speak to number for the Cows, Bulls, and Calves tags and leave the tags from the animals and replace these tags each and every year.


RFID animal Tag Positions

Put visual tags in right ear

EID or insecticide tags in left ear (look at state requirements)

You should use two visual tags. Double tag in case there is decrease of tags or 1 tag has got the management number and one tag has Ranch name/Rancher name, phone number, city, state, etc.

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