Pet microchip

Where to buy pet microchip? And the best pet microchip from best pet
microchip companies. Every customer would prefer to low cost of pet
microchip but good quality pet microchip.

STARNFC is a pet microchip maunfactuer from China. No defeat
quality. We can supply various of pet microchips for different
markets.Liking European pet microchip (germany pet microchip ), pet
microchip US, pet microchip UK, global pet microchip (international
pet microchip) .

1.How big is a pet microchip ?

Pet microchip is a very tiny chip, similar as a grain of rice.It is
mini pet micochip. It’s very suitable for dog, cat, fish and
related animals.

2. How long does a pet microchip last ?
Once your pets implants into microchip which is permanetof
identifying your Pets.

3.How does a pet microchip work?

Pet microchip no need battery .It is related with RFID implants and
each micochip with unique ID number for your Pets permanetly. It is
not liking GPS can located your animals positions. When a microchip
scanner is passed over the pet, the microchip gets enough power from
the scanner to transmit the microchip’s ID number.

4.How to I find my pet’s microchip number ? (How to red pet
microchip )

When you are using microchip scanner , you will get the ID number

5.How much doe a pet microchip cost ?

We are not a retailer. We are a manufacturer of Pet microchip. If
you are distributor and need pet microchip bulk.Our pet micorchip
for sale quality promised. Contact us :

6. Pet Microchip formats

Pet microchip FDX-A
Pet microchip FDX-B
Pet microchip HDX

7.ISO compliant pet microchip


8.Pet Microchip frequency

125Khz/134.2Khz/13.56mhz (NFC pet microchip)

9.Pet microchip implant

We can not only supply microchip but aslo supply a set of
microchip tags and including syrige

10.What kinds of pets suitable for implant microchips?
Pet microchip on dogs
Pet microchip on cats
Pet microchip on fishes
Small animals

11. Pet Microchip sizes

FDX-A:1.25×7, 1.4×8, 1.5×8, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12, 3×13, 3.85
×23, 3.85×32, 4x34mm
FDX-B:1.25×7, 1.4×8, 1.5×8, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12, 3×13, 3.85
×23, 3.85×32, 4x34mm
HDX: 2×12, 3×13, 3.85×23, 3.85×32, 4x34mm

STARNFC is one of best micorchip companies in China .We have mature
technology of producing pet microchip. Our commitments, each pet
microchip tag is good for working. If you are looking for a
reliable supplier of pet microchip, email us : or
add our Whatsapp :13599454033

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