Different RFID frequency has different work principle

RFID frequency is not only decide to the RFID system work

principle,RFID read range, and also decide to the easy and difficult
of RFID tag and RFID reader. And don’t forget to consider the cost
of RFID device. There is some clear how to use RFID frequency for
vairous of RFID applications. That is ISM band. The typical RFID
freqency : 125kHz, 133kHz, 27.12MHz, 433MHz, 902-928MHz,2.45GH,
5.8GHz and so on.

As the working RFID frequency different requirments, RFID tags can
be with Low Frequency (LF), High Frequeny (HF) and Ultra High
Frequency (UHF) and Microwave. Different RFID frequency has
different work principle. Like LF and HF RFID tags normally use
principle of electromagnetic coupling.But UHF and Microwave use
electronmagnetic emission principle.Now at the Internation RFID
market , we often use 125KHz, 13.56MHz and 850MHz-910MHz and
2.45GHz.Each RFID frequency with itself feature and used in
different RFID applications. So it must using correct and
appropriate RFID frequency.

-Working frequency :30kHz-300kHz.Typical frequency: 125KHz and
Passive RFID tag
-Read range: 1-10cm
-Applications: animal identify, container identify,tool
identify,electronic latching anti-theft

-Working Frequency:30kHz-300kHz.Typcial:13.56MHz
-Passive RFID tag
-Read range:10cm-1.5m
-Usually in ISO card shape
-Applications: E-ticket, ID card, access control ect

UHF and Microwave RFID tag
– Typcial working frequency: 433.92MHz,862(902)MHz-
Passive RFID tag or Active RFID tag
-Read range: over 1m, typcial:4-6m ,max over 10m
-Due the long read range, it many be read more than one tags at the
same time
-Applications: Vehicle identification, ETC , Container

Different RFID frequency tags with different features. Such as, LF
tag is cheaper than HF or UHF tag. And it is easier on the metal,
less effect from others,which suitable for the items with high
moisture content,like fruits. UHF is wildly used and fast data speed
in more energy consumption and weak penetration and easy effected by
other freuqncies. So it is suitable for fixing on ports,warehouses
and logistic goods. However HF RFID tag with middle read range and
the read/write speed also in middle , the cost of tag is
competition. It is wildly used in ISO E- ticket.

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