RFID cards for hotel – STARNFC

RFID cards for hotel – STARNFC

The accessibility and security of the hotel rooms are one of the essential that determine the quality of the hotel user experience. Therefore, it is very important for what kind of the room card and room lock are used. Today, we will introduce a new, smart and safe lock system to you, which will give 100% let customers have a sense of security.

According to the report of Hotel Management, The Hugo Hotel in Manhattan is use the Signature RFID room door lock system now, the system increases the efficiency of the hotel staff, and also brings customer and specailly smart and convenience experience.

The newly opened Hugo Hotel in Manhattan has applied the Signature RFID room door lock system, this system is invented by Ving Card Elsafa company. The RFID is based on Ving Card, and patented Vision Line wireless network platform, whicg allows a single server to connect individual electronic door lock and other systems and room equipment, allowing RFID door locks to be convenience and safa to use.

The General Manager of Hugo Hotel in Manhattan said, As a new member of so many hotels in Manhattan, we want to let the Hugo Hotel in Manhattan have a brand full of modernity and fashion sense, and also providing customers with the highest level of security and convenience, so that the hotel can stand out from the big crowd.

The RFID technology brought to Hugo Hotel a powerful remote-controlled door lock system solution. Through this system, customers can effortlessly access the room by let the door card next to the RFID reader. At the same time, RFID technology can avoid the problem that the magnetic stripe of the door card is disturbed and data cannot be read correctly. On the other hand, RFID offers unmatched anti-cloning security through an encryption platform, ensuring that the system can reject any unauthorized access that may occur.

RFID cards for Hotel

The Signature RFID door lock system is compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, allowing guests to enter and leave the room directly through their smartphones as door cards. The VISIONLINE wireless network platform also eliminates the manual steps of encoding the key card, canceling the card authorization, or checking the battery life, which increases the efficiency of the hotel staff. At the same time, VISIONLINE’s remote bit-by-bit tracking function can track and record the use of the house card in order to ensure the hotel’s control over the safety of its own property and provide valuable data for potential customer disputes.

Background: STARNFC is one of the leading companies in the field of RFID. With unmatched expertise and comprehensive technology in hotel access control and security systems, STARNFC can provide a variety of hotel access control system solutions, including a full set of solutions for traditional magnetic stripe cards or emerging smart card systems. And provide global service and support.

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