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RFID cards for hote

Nowadays people’s requirements for hotels are not limited to living. The requirements for the hotel are already versatile. There can be no less living, meetings, office, leisure or entertainment. Now there are not only a large number of five-star hotels, but also super five-star and six-star hotels. What makes these hotels look different? In addition to the decoration level of the building itself, the application of the hotel’s service management technology is also an aspect, but What really makes these hotels superior is the widespread use of high-tech, RFID-enabled products.

In the era of rapid development of information technology, RFID technology has become a trend. RFID technology is not only a technology hotspot, it is the ultimate development direction of the information age, it is the inevitable way for human beings to move from informationization and automation to intelligence.RFID cards for Hotel

The accessibility and security of hotel rooms is one of the key factors determining the quality of the hotel’s user experience. Therefore, it is very important to use which room card and room lock. RFID solves this problem perfectly.

According to the hotel management report, the Hugo Hotel in Manhattan now uses an RFID door lock system. The RFID door locks increase the efficiency of the hotel staff, while also bringing customers and a special smart and convenient experience.

The general manager of the Manhattan Hugo Hotel said that as a new member of many hotels in Manhattan, we hope that the Hugo Hotel in Manhattan will have a modern and fashionable brand while providing customers with the highest level of security. And convenient, so that the hotel can stand out from the crowd.

RFID technology brings a powerful remote door lock system solution to the hotel. With RFID technology, customers enter the room safer. At the same time, RFID technology can avoid the problem that the magnetic stripe of the door card is disturbed and the data cannot be read correctly. On the other hand, RFID provides anti-cloning security through an encryption platform.

The RFID door lock is compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, allowing guests to enter and exit the room directly as a door card via a smartphone.In the hotel, customers can also use RFID wristbands for identification. The RFID wristband also has the function of opening the door and selling the payment.

STARNFC is the world’s leading supplier of RFID cards. With unparalleled expertise and comprehensive technology in hotel access control and security systems, STARNFC offers a full range of hotel access control system solutions, including complete solutions for traditional magnetic stripe cards or emerging smart card systems, with global service and support.



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