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  • RFID smart tokens

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    ABS RFID smart tokens can be used in various applications , such as patrol system, tracking
    goods, mass transportation ticketing. And the smart tokens in vending machines or for identifying objects.

    ABS RFID smart tokens could be personalized by full color print with a logo, silk-screen print ; a laser number/ inkjet print number on them. Smart tokens with an intergrated RFID chip and can be adhesive on one side or have a hole in the middle or with anti-metal function (that can be used on metal surface)

  • RFID tag for laundry

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    We use PPS and Epoxy material for washable and thermostability rfid tags simplyfy laundry procedure. It is not only used in laundry store. It could be operated in harsh enviornments. Such as high temperature resistance, flame retardance, chemical resistance, wear resistance and so on.

  • RFID tire tags

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    UHF Gen2 RFID tire tags could be embedded in the tire mold prior to tire is done and solidified. It can
    also be utilized to stick a perpetual adhesive to within the tire, and is baked into a truck tire which has a amount of points in the renovation. The UHF Gen2 tire tag carries a flexible design that can withstand the high temperature during the tire curing process, and may be used to withstand the deformation in the tire.

  • RFID Windshield Tag

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    The passive RFID windshield tag is a great idea for fast and reliable vehicle identification and parking applications. UHF RFID windshield tag with long read range over 5 meters . The RFID windshield label is optimized to work on car windshield glass . It is one time RFID label tag. It could not be removed without being destroyed.

  • The smallest 1.25*7mm Micro RFID chip with syring set

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    RFID Microchip also known as a glass transponder, is about a size of a grain of rice. The transponder which is coded with a permanent code, is implanted under the animal’s skin for identification purpose.
    Using Radio Frequency, the animal can be identified by using a RFID scanner.

  • UHF metal tags

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    RFID on metal for vairous RFID applications are nessary. We are UHF metal tags maunfacturer. We are supplying vairous of metal mount RFID tags. They are free using on metal sureface. If you are looking on metal RFID tags.