Dallas DS1990A TM card

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Dallas DS1990A TM card is used in intelligent residential area,
postal, railway, fire, electricity, cable television, chemical
industry, oil field and other inspection system and the hotel door
lock, TM, school dormitory TM water meter, gas meter TM meters and
TM, etc

DS1990A F5 Black Handle Read-only iButton I-Button Non Magnetic TM
Card Electronic Key IB Tags

Dallas DS1990A TM card features:
– Never rust and corrosion
– Anti-water, anti-shake, anti-rust
– High emperature resistant resin
– Stainless stell and COB technology

Dallas DS1990A TM card parameter:
– Dimension:Diameter 16.25mm x high 5.89mm
– Type : DS1990A-F5 ( Only read), the only 64-bit serial number,
family code 01,used worldwide without any restrictions
– Read over 5m
– No need extra supply power, just need the collector supply power
– Working range: 2.8V to 6.0V -40-85 degrees

– Secuiry patrol
– Club/Sauna door lock
– Access control
– Various transport

STARNFC is a manufacturer of聽Dallas DS1990A TM card . Not only in black color, we aslo supply , red, white, blue and customized.

Contact us directly: sales@starnfc.com

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