UHF tamper proof for windshield

UHF tamper proof for windshield

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UHF tamper proof for windshield

STARNFC provides UHF tamper proof for windshield.It is special used
on Smart Parking Manager and Freeway Parking Charge on ETC.

RFID sticker for windshield applications:
1.Smart Parking Manager
1)Auto identify – using RFID auto identify technology
2)Convenient and fast – The authored car no need to stop when enter
or export
3)Safty and reliable – System can identify each car (The car with
tamper resistan labels), if without the labels, it will alarm.

2.Freeway parkking charge on ETC
1)To improve the working effectiveness and save much time
2)High auto charge to prevent the wrong charge
3)To keep each car safe when on ETC charge

UHF tamper labels for cars descriptions:
– Chip : Alien Higgs3
– Surface material: 80g Cooper or PET or PVC
– Antenna type: Aluminum etching + PET
– Comply protocol: ISO/IEC18000-6C , EPC C1 Gen2
– Chip memory: EPC 96bits (Read/Wirtable)
TID 64bits( Only read)
Access Password 32bits( Read/Write)
Ruin Password 32bits(Read/Write)
Users memory: 512Bits(Read/Write)
– Frequency:860-960MHz
– Read range: 1m to 5m
– Label type: RFID passive tags
– 100,000 times rewriteable , data can keep 50 years

Security proof labels construction:

The Tamper Evident RFID windshield is specially designed for quick
and reliable Automatic Vehicle Identification ideal solution for
Parking and Tolling applications. It is passive and battery free
tag. Low costive and long life UHF parking labels. EPC Gen2 are
satisfying for long read range rquest of the parking and Tolling. It
save too mcuh time and cost.

The tamper proof UHF RFID tag can also embeded with Alien Higgs-
3,Higgs-4,Impinj Monza 4 ect.

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