UHF LED tag with long read range easy find

UHF LED tag with long read range easy find

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STARNFC provides EPC class 1 GEN2 and ISO18000-6C protocols UHF LED tag with long read range up to 9mm and 7.5m (anti-metal ). RFID lighting tag is designed with LED indicator when the tag enters the search range of RFID reader,the LED light will flash to indicate the location. It is widely used in storage shelves to find products, libraries, logistic management,cable management, ect.


Product detail:

RFID lighting electronic tags applications:
– Asset tracking
– Libraries management
– Cable management
– Warehouse sheles to find products

RFID light file tag physical features:
– Material: PCB
– Dimensions: 60x20x1mm ;60x20x3mm (anti-metal)
– Working Temp: -20鈩儈+80鈩
– Store Temp:-20鈩儈+80鈩
– Water proof : IP67
– Color : Black
– Weight:2.5g/7.5g
– Portocol: EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
– Chip: XBL2005-KX
– Frequency : US 902-928MHz, EU 865-868MHz
– EPC memory : 128 bits
– User memory : 1312 bits
– Read range ( fixed reader): 7.5mm on metal; 9mm off metal
– Data Storage: up to 50 years
– Re-write: 1time
– Installation: Adhesive

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