13.56MHz HF RFID glass tag

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STARNFC HF RFID glass tag exmtremly in small size made of Bio-Glass material. It is specail designed for embedded in assets or used as semi-finished products to manufactuer customized tags. We provide HF Bio-glass tuble in cost-comptitive with the ISO15693 standard & ISO18000-3 (NFC glass tag) supports and combine excellent durability, performance and reliability, with very small sizes.

Descriptions of HF glass tuble

-Product name: HF Bio-Glass tube
-HF chip: EM4327
-13.56MhZ frequency
-ISO/IEC 15693 &ISO/IEC18000-3 standard compliant
-NFC function support (HF glass tag can scanned by NFC phone)
-2K bit Memory
-Long range, low power passive RFID tags
-Read/Write IC
-60 years memory data retention
-Livestock Identification
-Small animals managment
-Assets & Logistic

STARNFC is a proffesional HF glass tag maker. We also supply LF RFID glass ampoule tag and other small sizes RFID tags .

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