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Combi RFID card also named RFID dual frequency card. ISO combi card
embeded in two or three chips different frequencies in one same
card. It comes ture the functional in the same card. The magnetic
strip can be in the combi card too.
Combi card meets different frequency and protocol at the same
time.But it can be saved the cost of card and functional brings
convenient. However the combi card assure the secure in high level.

The types of combi card, as following:
1.LF+HF dual frequency card :
125khz (TK4100/EM4200)+ 13.56mhz (Mifare 1k/4k/desfire ev1)

2.LF+UHF dual frequency card:

3.HF+UHF dual frequency card
13.56mhz (Mifare 1k/4k/desfire ev1)+860-960Mhz(Gen2)

Card dimension: CR80 86.5*54mm or custom
Material: PVC, PET, ABS or paper
Housing :Glossy/matt/clear
Printing: Offset print /Silkscreen print
Personality: encoding, numbering, magstripe, barcode and so on.

1. ETC card
2. Gas card
3. School card
4. Parking card

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