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The T5557 card is a multi-function and contactless R/W identification IC manufactured by Atmel Corporation of the United States for the 125 KHz frequency range. Temic card T5577 needs to be connected to an antenna coil, which is considered as the communication interface between the electric drive supply of the chip circuit and the two-way information.
The antenna and chip together form an inductive card or tag.

The chip of T5577 RFID card has a 330-bit EPROM (distributed in 10 blocks, 33 bits per block) that can be read/written from the T5557 card reader. Block 0 is a parameter
configuration block that is reserved for setting the T5557 operating mode. Block 7 can be used as a user data block, or a set of user passwords can be set to protect all data
blocks to avoid unauthorized unauthorized rewriting. The transfer of data is done by identifying the integrated circuit loading the modulator. When the IC receives the field of
the reader, it will generate an RF resistance field strength at the two terminals “1” and “2” of the coil, and then encode and decode the code with 100% amplitude to obtain the
reader. Related commands and data and card information returned to the reader.

T5577 card features:

T5577 rewristable card

-Frequency :100 KHz to 150 KHz

-Compatible and extended application mode with E5550 products

-Small capacity, its structure is compatible with international standard ISO/IEC11784 / 785

-There is a 75pF resonant capacitor on the chip.

-7 x 32 bit E2PROM storage space including 32 bit password area

-Separate 64-bit storage space as a traceable data area

The 32-bit configuration register can be set as follows in the E2PROM:
鈼 Data rate: fixed value of RF/2 to RF/128 or e5550 (usually used in RF/32 or RF/64)

鈼 Modulation/Compilation Code: FSK, PSK, Manchester, Biphase, NRZ (typically: Manchester)

鈼 Other options: password mode, maximum block characteristics, AOR mode (default: PASS=0, MAXB=7, AOR=0); reverse data output, direct access mode, sequence terminator, Write
protection (each block is fully locked), OTP function, etc.
The T5557 is mainly upgraded to replace the early E5550/5551 chip. The current upgrade replacement product is the T5567. The T5577 card is widely used in various forms of
identification, such as transportation, medical communication, education and entertainment. Such as hotel door lock card, health insurance card, campus card, corporate / factory
time card, fuel card, Internet card, dining card, game card, student score card, phone card, theater card, entertainment card, etc.

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