ISO14443B SR176 short range RFID card

STARNFC is a supplier of SR176 RFID cards, It is a short-range RFID card manufactured according to ISO14443B international standards. ISO14443 is commonly known as Mifare 1 series, which has a close recognition distance and good confidentiality.We can supply you the best SR176 RFID cards at a low price.

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ISO14443B SR176 card which offers 176 bits of EEPROM organized in eleven 16-bit blocks, a 64-bit UID and an 8-bit Chip_ID. Meeting various of applications liking access control, event ticket, industrial identification that do not need to be modified more than a few times.

STARNFC provides white SR176 card and pre-print SR176 card.

SR176 card key features: 

-ISO 14443 – 2 Type B Air Interface Compliant
-ISO 14443 – 3 Type B Frame Format Compliant
-13.56MHz Carrier Frequency
-847kHz Sub-carrier Frequency
-106K bit/s Data Transfer
-Data Transfert
– ASK Modulation from Reader to tag
– BPSK Coding from tag to Reader
-64 bits Unique Identifier
-176 bit EEPROM with Write Protect Feature
-Internal Tuning Capacitor
-100K ERASE/WRITE Cycles
-10 Years Data Retention
-Self-Timed Programming Cycle
-5ms Typical Programming Time


  1. Library Management
  2. dentification
  3. Bus cards

We can also design and customize your own SR176 RFID cards according to your requirements.

If you need SR176 RFID cards, please send us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.



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