RFID blocking cards

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STARNFC provides RFID blocking cards which size same as credit card.
It is specially designed for protecting to personal information
stored on 13.56Mhz frequency contactless cards such as credit cards,
debit cards, RFID driving cards from e-pickpocket thieves using any
RFID scanners.

-Item: RFID & NFC blocking card
-Material: PVC,ABS or PET
-Suitable for all 13.56Mhz smart contactless cards
-Blocking PCB mould + antenna
-Dimension: 85.5*54mm
-Thickness: 1.2-1.5mm
-Printing : CMYK offset printing or silkscreen printing
-ROHS standard

-Easy to use
-No need batteries support
-Protect your vaulable smart cards

How to use ?

Just put the RFID blocking card in the wallet together with the
credit cards. Is it easy ?

What smart cards should be protected ?
-Credit cards
-Debit Cards
-Identification Cards
-Mobile phone NFC
-Key cards/Entry Cards

How the blocking cards work ?

The RFID Blocking card functions drawing power from your scanner,
and emitting a counter-signal to jam the communication. This
protects surrounding cards in a 2.5cm radius (roughly).

It’s precisely the same size as a standard plastic card so will
easily fit into any wallet. It is however slightly thicker, at 1.2mm
vs 0.76mm of a normal card. It’s because the inner circuitry.

We are RFID blocking cards manufacturer in China. Our RFID/NFC blocking cards can be custom. Find the RFID blocking cards producer in China , here we are !

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