ALN-9740 Squiggle – Higgs4 inlay

ALN-9740 Squiggle – Higgs4 inlay

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ALN-9740 “Squiggle®” – Higgs®4
Squiggle is suitable for tags that require high storage capacity or an optimal solution that takes advantage of other advantages of Higgs 4. The ALN9740 Higgs 4 Squiggle tag also provides BlastWriteTM large-scale encoding for multiple tag programming, and BlastWriteTM is used to write a complete memory into a single command. With its ultra-high recording sensitivity, it offers the fastest mass-market tag encoding solution. Higgs 4 has been pre-programmed with the final enterprise serialization scheme for efficient tag distributed coding.

3.732″ × 0.319″
94.8mm × 8.1mm

ALN-9740 parameters:

-chip: HiggsTM-4 IC with 448bit NVRAM
-Protocol: EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 (v 1.2.0); ISO/IEC 18000-6C
-Working frequency: 840-960MHz
– Working temperature: -40°C to +70°C
-TID fixed code: 32bits
-unique TID: 64bits
-EPC storage area: 128bits
-User storage area: 128bits
-Access Password:32bits
-Kill Password:32bits
-RoHs:2002/95/EC Compliant

Alien Higgs4 squiggle key feature:
-Best-in-class universal inlays deliver superior performance in a wide range of applications
-Pre-write the unique unrepeatable 64bits serial number (ideal verification code)
-User Storage Block Perma-Locked
-User storage area can be blocked by 64bits and read password protection, prohibiting accidental passwordless reading.
-Supports all mandatory and optional Gen2 commands, including item- level commands, custom instructions for high-speed writes, high- volume, high-capacity glueless/back-coated labels that can be used in the packaging process


-asset Management
-Clothing tag and other large retail sectors
-Warehouse management
-Enterprise asset management
-Shipping label
-Complex material and object tracking
-Tray card / corrugated box
-Folder label

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