RFID MIFARE classic 1k products

RFID MIFARE classic 1k products

MIFARE Classic® ICs are very typical and hot Mifare classic family
chip. They are wildly used in a variety of RFID applications
worldwide.The MIFARE Classic newest vesion is MIFARE Classic ev1. It
can be embeded in different kinds of RFID products. Such as Mifare
classic ISO card, Mifare classic key fob, Mifare classic label,
Mifare classic NFC tag, Mifare classic sticker, Mifare classic RFID
tag, Mifare classic wristband (mifare classic bracelets), mifare
classic layout and so on.
Mifare Classic frequency:
13.56MHz (High frequency )

Mifare Classic protocol:
ISO14443A-Mifare Classic

Mifare Classic format:
Mifare classic 4 byte UID and Mifare classic 7 byte UID

Mifare Classic uid length:
Mifare Card Serial Number is the unique identifier defined in ISO
14443-3A. There are 3 types of UID defined in the standard – single
( 4Byte ), Double ( 7 bytes ) and Triple ( 10 bytes ). Only older
versions of the Mifare card, the UID was 4 bytes but now have
migrated to 7 bytes.

Mifare classic vs classical ev1
Mifare classic is beginning at 1994 and still wildly used in
applications. Mifare classical represents the highest evolution of
the product family and succeeds all previous versions.

Mifare classic vs mifare desfire ev1 and Mfiare classic vs Mifare
They are all beloging to NXP mifare family typical chip. And working
at the same HF 13.56mhz frequency , using the same protocol
ISO14443A .But if you are looking for secuiryt-relevant
applications, you should refer to MIFARE DESFire and MIFARE Plus.

Mifare classic vs NFC
Mifare Classic 1k cards is very common NFC card. And it is easy to
read by phone which support NFC app. But NFC also including other
chips not only Mifare Classic . Liking MIFARE Desfire,
NTAG213,215,216, Felic ect.
To know more information aboutht mifare classic 1k click

Clone mifare classic 1k
As we know ,normally it could not be easy to change UID mifare
classic.Especially the mifare classic block 0. Now there are some
changable UID mifare classic 1k card, and mifare classic ev1 clone
key fobs. You can do proxmark3 clone mifare classic card and key
fobs. Or using related sepcial reader RC522 mifare classic to change
it. To know more about or interested in mifare classic 1k change UID
cards or key fobs , please contact us.

STARNFC can supply full RFID mifare classic 1k products including
mifare classic 1k card, mifare classic 1 key fob, mifare classic 1k
lay out, mifare classic 1k wristbands, mifare classic 1k tag.
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