• UHF metal tags

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    RFID on metal for vairous RFID applications are nessary. We are UHF metal tags maunfacturer. We are supplying vairous of metal mount RFID tags. They are free using on metal sureface. If you are looking on metal RFID tags.

  • UHF RFID inlays

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    Each UHF rfid tag inlay with a unique TID and some with EPC memory. You can according to your request to looking for the chips and uhf inlays. UHF rfid inlays could be used for making RFID label or directly as rfid inlay tags ( wet inlays with sticker on backside ) which as usually directly as rfid tags for tracking or identify products.

  • woven RFID wristbands

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    We are the best Woven RFID supplier.Woven RFID wristbands named RFID fabric wristbands .It is very nice performance and hot RFID wristbands. Very popular in worldwide.