• Elastic RFID Wristband

  • EMTG97-4 smart card

    EMTG97-4 is owned by the Theseus family of devices designed specifically for smart card
    applications. It really is software compatible with a standard 8051 micro-controller, to
    guarantee the maximum accessibility to qualified software. The hardware implementation in
    the core can be a modern design not relying on microcode, to comprehend up to 4 times on
    the standard 8051’s clocks per instruction.

  • Epoxy RFID key tag

    RFID EPOXY key tag could be
    as promotion with company logo. It is attractive performance and embeded in 125Khz , 13.56MHz or UHF on request RFID chip technologies

    LF,HF or UHF RFID epoxy key tag and RFID epoxy key card are very popular for your smart RFID and NFC solutions

  • HF RFID inlay

    HF RFID inlays with short-to-medium read ranges. They are very suitable for varity of wide ranges for different kinds of RFID smart applications.Popluar industry applications including NFC payment system, library, rental item and so on

  • HF RFID PCB tag

  • I code slix label

  • Infineon SLE5542 memory card

  • ISO11784/11785 Pet Microchip with syringe

    Basic Package Bio Glass Microchip specially designed for pets,
    livestock and animals. Syringed electronic tag can be implated into
    body of animals by syringes.

  • ISO14443B SR176 short range RFID card

    STARNFC is a supplier of SR176 RFID cards, It is a short-range RFID card manufactured according to ISO14443B international standards. ISO14443 is commonly known as Mifare 1 series, which has a close recognition distance and good confidentiality.We can supply you the best SR176 RFID cards at a low price.

  • Java card JCOP card

    Why Java for smart cards ?
    – Popular high level language, object-oriented, large programmer
    – Write Once and run anywhere
    * Any vendor’s smart card (Interoperability)
    * Any vendor’s secure controller (Portability)
    – Open programmable platform(JCOP)for third party application
    – Java card is the winner… SIM, PIV, TWIC ect.

  • Leather RFID fob

    Leather RFID key fobs are designed in a luxury and unique appearance. Nice and attracitve
    performace with keychain which is very easily to carry.

    RFID applications in life. All RFID keyfobs can be customized as requirements for printing,
    color, package etc. We can make a silk printing and hot stamp printing on leather RFID key

  • Long read range logistic UHF RFID seal tag

    The advantage of UHF seal tag
    .Read range- This logistic cable seal with steadable over 5m read
    .Security-The RFID steel cable is special designed for tamper-evident
    container seals
    .Varities applications choose-860-960Mhz cable tag is not only as RFID
     locker container seal tag. It could be for logistic inventory ,Asset
    tracking,linfe safty equipment maintenance ect.
    .Easy using-Attach quickly with integated cable tie or wire loop
    .Clear evidence-Visual recognition of seal status, with option of RFID
    reader detection of seal security or breach

    . Frequency:860-960Mhz, UHF EPC Global
    . Protocol:EPC Class 1 Gen2,ISO/IEC 18000-6C
    . RFID tag type: RFID passive tag
    . Chip: H3 or R6
    . Material: ABS+steel wire
    . ABS plastic size : 100mm x 26.5mm ( see our photo)
    . The ABS thickness: 4mm
    . The length of steel: 280mm
    . The diameter of steel:1.7mm
    . IP Protection: IP65
    . Operative Temperature: – 20°C / + 55 °C
    . Storage Temperature: – 30°C / + 80 °C

    Logistic UHF RFID seal tag
    . Our UHF seal tag for easy application to roll containers.
    . STARNFC can supply HF and UHF security seals
    . The RFID chip can be encoded in more information which easily
    written by using RFID reader/writer.