RFID clothing tags simplify laundry procedure

Now RFID technology is used in everywhere and bring our life easy
and convenient. You can find the RFID clothing tags simplify laundry
procedure in various of applications inlcuding industry wash, work
clothes, towls and so on.

Today STARNFC introduces a soft laundry tags in highly quality more
than 200 times washing.

Installation method stitching
M ain advantage :
*Can withstand more than 200 industrial
*100% EPC Write available
*Both material and design are tested with
* TheproductisintheEuropeanFinland
Main feature :
*More than 200 times of industrial washing.
*Able to withstand 60 atmospheres.
Product application :
Industry wash
Work clothes
School uniforms
Medical clothing
Army apparel
Personnel patrol management

Installation methold : Use 200 ℃ @10seconds heating or stitching

Product feature :
Standard EPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
Frequency 902-928MHz
Chip Type NXP Ucode 7M Or CUSTOMIZE
Chip storage EPC 96bits User 32bits
Read/Write Both available
Data storage 20 years
Warranty 3years or 200 times
Material Textile
Size 70mm x 15mm x 1.4mm (Customize size)
Working temperature :-25℃ ~ +110℃
Storage temperature:-40 ℃~ +120 ℃

Short term heat resistance
Wash:90 ℃,15 minutes
Predrying of converter: 180℃,30minutes,200 times
IRONING:180℃,10 seconds 200 times
High temperature setrilization :135 ℃,20 minutes
Storage Relative
Humidity 5%~95%
Installation methold:
7015-7M-H:200℃@10 seconds Hot stamp or stitching
Weight ~ 0.7g/piece
Package Carton packing
Surface color white
Pressure resistance: 60 bars
Drop test 1 meter High 200times test pass
Use of washing
Washing liquid test:Test pass
High and low temperature alternating
-40 ℃~+120℃7 timeshighandlowtemperaturealternating,totallytesttwo
RoHS Pass
Fixed reader
3 metersandmore(4W EIRP,using Alien9900 fixed reader)
Handle reader
1.5 meters and more(using Alien9011 handle reader in outdoor
hollowness )
Polarization Model linear polarization

STARNFC is focusing on the various of RFID tags in different
frequencies , especially in LF, HF and EPC RFID technology in China

Our RFID luandry tags are supplying in 125khz, 13.56mhz , UHF and we
also provides other RFID tags like metal RFID tags, mini RFID tag,
RFID card, RFID key fob , RFID wristbands, RFID bin tag, RFID tire
tag ect.

Contact us : info@starnfc.com

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