Textile UHF Laundry tag

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Textile UHF Laundry tag is flexible Fabric UHF laundry tag. It is
waterproof and heat resistant and can withstand more than 200 wash
RFID fabric laundry tag is especially design for washing and the
line of clothing production industrial.

– Industrial washing
– Management of uniforms
– Medical apparel management
– Military clothing management
– Personnel patrol management

UHF textile RFID tag specification:
– Protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2 ; ISO18000-6C
– Frequency: 902-928MHz,865-868MHz (Can customize frequency)
– Chip:NXP Ucode 7/7M (Can customize)
– Read/Write: Yes (EPC)
– Data Storage: 20 years
– Lifetime: 200 wash cycles or 3 years from shipping data (whichever
coms first)
– Material: Fabric
– Size: 70(L)x 15(W)x1.4mm (H) (can customize)
– Storage Temperature:-40 鈩儈 +120 鈩- Operating Temperature:

1) Washing: 90鈩, 15 minutes, 200 cysle
2) Drying: 180鈩, 3 minutes, 200 cysle
3) Tunnel Finsher: 170鈩, 10 minutes
– Mechanical Resistance: Up to 60 bars
– Delivery format: Single
– Installation Method:Thread installation (Please contact with the
original factory before installation,understand the detailed
installation method)
– Weight: 0.7g around
– Package: Antistatic bag and carton
– Color: white
– Style : RFID passive tag
– Chemicals: All common chemicalsin the washing processes
– Temperature cycle test :-40鈩冿綖+120鈩, 7 times cycle time testing,
48 hours total
– RoHs
– Read range : Up to 4 meters (EIRP=4W)
Up to 2 meters ( With ATID AT880 handheld reader)
-Polarization: Liner

– More than 200 cycles
– 100% memory writing tested
– Dimensions can be customize
– Soft material
– Can stick under 60 bar pressure

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