Infineon SLE5542 memory card

Infineon SLE5542 memory card

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Product Description

Infineon SLE5542 memory card

SLE5542 card with intelligent 256 byte EEPROM with write protection funcation and programmable security code (PSC)

.Access control
.Loyalty system
Chip Parameters:
.Chip: SLE5542
.Manufacturer: Infenion
.Mode:Read/write contact smart chip
.Memory: 256 Byte

Card Parameter
.Dimension: 85.5x54x0.82mm
.Package: 200pcs/Box, 2000pcs/Carton
.Personality: LoCo/HiCo magstripe, Barcode, Embossing, Medllic, CMYK
Print, OFFSET print, silkscreen print, PSM print, Encoding ect
.100% funcational compatibility to SLE4442
.256 x 8 bit EEPROM organization of data memory
.32 x 1 bit protection memory
.Data Memory (addresses 0.255) alterable only after verification of 3-Byte
.Programmable Security Code (PSC)
.Two-wire link protocol
.Contact configuration and Answer-to-Reset (synchronous transmission) in accordance to standard ISO/IEC 7816


BTW, we supply other SLE serials contact IC card including SLE4428,SLE4442, SLE5528 ect.

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