RFID tags type

915MHz UHF RFID wet inlay with ISO18000-6C protocol

STARNFC provides various of RFID inlay including RFID wet inlay, RFID dry inlay. We also supplies of white RFID labels and preprint RFID labels. (You can chose PET, PVC, Paper for lables). And also could be with ferrit meterial for anti-metal label(directly )used on metal surface. Descriptions: -Wet inlay size :48x22mm -Antenna size :44x18mm -Material: PET+Aluminum -Antenna thickness:0.01mm -Inaly thicknessL0.03mm -Working Frequency:840-960MHz -EEPROM memory options: 0 bits/96 bits/ 512 bits/2048 bits -Re-write times: 10k(HSL 100k) -Data storage: 10 Years -Rate of communication: 640K bits/s(HSL 40kbit/s) -Working temperature:-25℃~+65℃,20%RH~90%RH -Storage temperature :-25℃~+50℃,20%RH~90%RH -Ability to withstand [...]

NXP J2A040 40K JAVA card

This glossy PVC white NXP J2A040 card with genius of JCOP cards. JAVA based, JCOP 2.4.1,JC2.2.2.,GP2.1.1 . It is used for a high security solution requirments. Such as banking , finance, mobile communications , public transportation, access control and network access. J2A040 card with 40K EEPROM, JCOP V2.4.1 Revision, it is updated version of JCOP21-36K Java card. The NXP J2A40 JCOP card is contact interface type smart card. Descriptions: -Material : PVC -Dimension: ISO credit card size 85.5x54mm -Chip: NXP J2A040 -Memory:40K -Printing:Silk-screen printing, CMYK printing, laser printing ,UV,serial number,etc – Magstripe : HICO, [...]

RFID animal tags numbering information

RFID ear tags for Cows: Use Large size ear tags. Use numbers 1 thru number in herd. Maintain the end number the amount of cattle you use (ie 1-100). RFID tags for Bulls: Use Large size ear tags. May use another color tag compared to cows. Use numbers 1 through amount of bulls in herd. RFID animal tags for Calves: Use calf-size tags. Number 1 through the quantity of momma cows. Buy two sets or even a bag of blanks for twins. By way of example: Only have 100 cows and two [...]

EM4124 UHF EPC GEN2 RFID inlay

EM4124 UHF EPC GEN2 RFID inlay designed to offer long read rang in a wide kinds of logistics and inventory applications. Featuring at the same time a slim form factor that makes the EPC GEN2 tag fit narrow box sides and spines. We offer EM4124 dry inlay and wet inlay.   EM4124 can be a certified EPCTM Class-1 Generation-2 (Gen2) IC and compliant with ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 Type C. Each chip is done using a 64-bit Unique Identifier to be sure full [...]

RFID clamshell card

RFID clamshell card is also named clamshell prximity card and thick RFID cards.It normally more thickness than ISO card. ISO RFID card is 0.8+-0.06mm thickness. And clamshell RFID card around 1.8mm and made of ABS material. Clamshell card printing usually do silkscreen printing. RFID clamshell card was very popular used as school card, access control card , time & attendance. IC’s choice: 125Khz (TK4100, EM4200, T5577 ) 13.56MHz ( Mifare S50, Mifare S70 ect) UHF Clamshell RFID card parameter: – Dimension: ISO card size 85.5*54mm – Thickness:1.8mm – Material: ABS+PVC – White or [...]

NTAG213 TT compare with NTAG 213

NTAG 213 TT provides extended function Provides additional advantages for smart packaging and brand protection NTAG 213 TT  label tampering function Used to detect the status of the label tamper line during startup If the test leads are open This event will be stored permanently by NTAG 213 TT Label tampering information status can be ASCII code formal mirroring or user memory containing NDEF information Or can be read by a dedicated command Further improved original signatures on the NTAG 213 TT Can be programmed and locked during [...]

How many types of UHF RFID tags memory ?

Q: In UHF Gen 2 tags, let’s consider how many types UHF RFID tagsmemory and how to know when you ought to use every type? A: Gen 2 RFID tags are comprised of an antenna along with a chip (more accurately known as a built-in circuit, or IC). The ICs for Gen 2 tags contain four types of memory: Reserved memory EPC memory TID memory User memory When starting your application deciding on a tag, and locate out about what amount memory is on each [...]

NXP J2A040 RFID cards supplier

NXP J2A040 RFID cards supplier STARNFC provides Java smart card JCOP21-36k. They are wildly used in banking and finance market, mobile communication market, public transportation market, acess control and network access. The J2A040 chip Java JCOP smart card operating system called JCOP J2 V2.4.1 and offers 40bytes EEPROM memory. Key features: 40KB EEPROM High-performance secured Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) coprocessor (RSA, ECC) Secured dual/triple-DES and AES coprocessor Memory Management Unit(MMU) ISO/IEC 7816 contact interface Optinal ISO/IEC 14443 A Contactless Interface Unit (CIU) Optional S2C interface for NFC communication [...]

UHF RFID tags wholesale&supply

UHF RFID tags wholesale&supply STARNFC can supply a variety of rfid tags,what we introduced today is high temperature UHF RFID tags. The FR4 PCB high temperature UHF RFID tag is a specially designed tag with metal and high temperature resistors. The high temperature UHF RFID tags which constructed with durable flame retardant 4 (FR-4) laminate, these UHF tags can endure temperatures of 200 °C (even in oil), high humidity, and pressure of up to 15-bar. The tags also withstand vibration and mechanical [...]

Pros and cons of RFID tags

Pros and cons of RFID tags RFID comes in various frequencies that are custom designed for use in specific applications.Many applications are revolutionized with the accuracy and reliability of RFID devices, like manufacturing process control and confirmation, material tracking, airline luggage identification and routing systems and single-pass multiple item identification. All processes get catalyzed with the introduction of intelligent tracking and management. Especially toll collection and container tracking has become extremely efficient thanks to the quick movement and identification thanks [...]