RFID apllication

RFID for asset management

RFID for asset management RFID is used to label the fixed assets. By installing RFID electronic tags, RFID identification devices are installed in the entrances and exits. Combined with the real-time monitoring platform of the data center assets, the assets are fully visible and the information is updated in real time. It can monitor the use and flow of assets in real time, which is embodied in the real-time query of equipment location, equipment movement tracking records, alarms, equipment management [...]

Problems of RFID tags in Library application

Problems of RFID tags in Library application Even though library may also use RFID technology to boost work quality and efficiency, as well as the specific requirements of the library through this field, RFID technology still has some problems to be solved. RFID technical standards are not uniform. Currently, RFID industry standards and related product standards usually are not uniform. Electronic label so far, has not yet formally formed a unified (including each frequency band) International standards. Currently, you will find three [...]

The application of RFID technology in Library

The application of RFID technology in Library Nowadays, RFID is becoming more popular. Inside the library field, RFID has formed the development trend to change the original open book management mode (barcode management EAS security). Suffers from limitations in the barcode label, people naturally think about the bar code, for long periods of time, the barcode has played a vital role. However the popularity of RFID technology will greatly enhance the original objective of the barcode. First, the passive hand barcode read [...]